Waste Disposal

A weekly domestic rubbish collection service operates in Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Eagle Bay and Vasse.  To enable this service to operate efficiently, residents are required to provide either a 120 or 240 litre dark-green mobile garbage bin.  Bins purchased should be of a reputable brand and purpose-made for kerbside waste collection.

The City will not be held responsible to any claims of damage to inferior-quality rubbish bins, which have not been approved by the City of Busselton’s Waste Collection Service.

Where a weekly residential collection is provided, residents are asked to:

  • Face the bin to the kerb as indicated by the arrow fixed to the lid of the bin and place your bin in a clear area, one (1) metre from the kerb.
  • Place your bin in a convenient location to assist with its efficient collection.
  • Do not overload your bin or place items in the bins so that the lid will not close (70kg MAX).
  • Place all rubbish inside the bin (rubbish not placed in the bin cannot be collected).
  • Wrap all food waste.
  • Keep the bin clean.
  • Remove the bin from the kerb as soon as convenient after it has been emptied.
  • Place the bin on the verge for collection prior to 6AM on the day of the collection (as some collections are made early in the morning).
  • Please ensure your bin is a least 500mm clear of other bins, recycling bins or other obstructions.
  • Please do not place hot ashes or material in the bin that may cause dust nuisance or fire hazard.
  • NEVER PUT CONTAINERS OF OIL IN YOUR WHEELIE BIN.  They explode in the truck causing a mess on the truck, road, verge & your bin.  Waste motor oil (up to 20 litres) is accepted free of charge at both the Busselton Transfer Station & Dunsborough Waste Facility every day of the week. 

To find out what day of the week your rubbish collection service is for your street, go to https://maps.busselton.wa.gov.au click on address tab to enter your property address and click search.  The garbage collection day will show in the property information on the side of the screen.

Waste Collection Rates for 2017-18 (where a service is provided to the property by the City of Busselton) are as follows:

  • $159.00 per year for weekly rubbish collection (per bin);
  • $75.00 per year for fortnightly recycling collection (per bin);
  • $66.00 per year for Waste Infrastructure Charge (see attachment for further information on this item)

Have Your Say on waste and recycling issues that matter to you – visit http://yoursay.busselton.wa.gov.au/watch-your-waste