Bin Placement Guidelines

The rubbish and recycling bins are collected by a specialised collection vehicle with a side lift hydraulic arm. It is therefore important that your bins are placed in the correct location to ensure they are collected on time. 
  • Bins should be placed on the verge so they are 1/2 metre from the kerb, and approximately 1/2 metre apart, with the opening side of the bins facing the roadside. 
  • Bins that are placed the wrong way around or too close together may not be emptied. 
  • Bins that are not presented by 6.00am on the scheduled collection day may not be emptied. 
  • Never put containers of oil in your bin. Waste motor oil (up to 20 litres) is accepted free of charge at both the Dunsborough and Busselton Waste Facilities. 
  • Hazardous and flammable items, such as hot ashes, must not be placed in your bin. 
  • Place all rubbish inside the bin (rubbish placed next to the bin cannot be collected). 
  • Do not overload your bin or place items that prevent the lid from closing. Bins over 70 kilos will not be collected.



All enquiries should be directed to the City’s Waste Services on 9781 0359.