Kerbside Recycling Service

A yellow-top bin recycling service is provided if a domestic rubbish collection service is provided.

Please contact the City of Busselton on (08) 9781 0444 to arrange delivery of a free recycle bin and inclusion on the service run. 

Cleanaway is the City of Busselton’s kerbside recycling contractor.  Their website is

Inquiries about missed recycling bins and other operational issues should be emailed to or telephone Cleanaway on 13 13 39, or toll free on 1800 049 193

Please refer to the “Waste Collection Days” tab under “Environment and Waste” to find out when your recycling bin is collected.

What to put in your yellow-top recycling bin

  • Paper & Cardboard

  • Aluminium cans & foil

  • Steel cans & aerosols

  • Glass bottles & jars

  • Plastic bottles & containers

Please refer to the “A-Z Waste Guide” tab under “Waste Disposal” under “Environment and Waste” to learn more about what materials are recyclable in your yellow-top bin.

How your recyclable materials are recycled through the City of Busselton

The company Cleanaway is contracted to collect, sort, and sell our recyclable materials to manufacturers who process the materials to make new products out of them. After collecting the recyclables from kerbside wheelie bins and our waste facilities, Cleanaway drive the materials to their Super - Material Recover Facility (MRF for short) in Perth. The materials are put onto a series of conveyor belts in which both staff and optical systems sort the materials by type (ie. Paper, plastic, steel). Once sorted, the materials are compacted, tied together (“baled”), and shipped off to the manufacturer whom has purchased the material for recycling in order to make new products. Most of the materials are sent to places in Asia for recycling whilst glass is crushed and used locally in road base construction.

We encourage our residents to continue to separate all items which can be recycled from landfill and help us divert as much recoverable waste as possible. This will assist us in extending the life of the Vidler Road landfill and also have less impact on the environment.

Cleanaway Super MRF video

Cleanaway’s Youtube channel is chock full of information about the ins and outs of recycling through Cleanaway including what is recyclable, how certain materials are recycled, and where they go.

If you cannot find the answer to your waste query on this or any of the other Waste pages, please contact the City of Busselton Waste Administration on (08) 9781 0359 or Cleanaway on (08) 9724 6400.

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What items not to put in your yellow-top recycling bin but which are FREE to recycle if dropped off to either of our waste facilities

  • Scrap metal (car bodies, microwaves, fridges, etc.)
  • Electronic waste (TV’s, computers, keyboards, mobile phones, etc.)
  • Batteries
  • Printer cartridges
  • Fluorescent lights (tubes & CFL’s)
  • Gas bottles
  • Used motor oil (containers up to 20L)
  • Paint

Many of these items contain toxic materials which we do not want in landfill. Please dispose of them responsibly by bringing them to one of our waste facilities or another collection point in town.

*Applies to domestic waste only - not commercial

Additional collection points for these recyclable materials

  • Scrap metal (car bodies, microwaves, fridges, etc.) - Local Bins (a skip bin hire & recycling hub business)
  • Electronic waste (TV’s, computers, keyboards, mobile phones, etc.) - Local Bins and Cape Naturaliste Computers
  • Household Batteries - Busselton Library, Geographe Leisure Centre, Naturaliste Community Centre, Aldi and Local Bins
  • Mobile Phones - Busselton Telephones and Telstra
  • Printer cartridges - Aldi, The Good Guys, Cartridge World, Retravision, Harvey Norman, and Computer West
  • Fluorescent lights (tubes & CFL’s) - Light Ideas, Direct Lighting, and Local Bins