Rubbish & Recycling Bin Guidelines

Where a weekly residential collection is provided, residents are asked to:

  • Place your bin in a convenient location to assist with its efficient collection.
  • Do not overload your bin or place items in the bins so that the lid will not close (70kg MAX).
  • Place all rubbish inside the bin (rubbish not placed in the bin cannot be collected).
  • Lawn clippings should be bagged.  Unbagged clippings may stick to the rubbish bin and not fall into the truck properly, thereby causing a mess.
  • Keep the bin clean.
  • Remove the bin from the kerb as soon as convenient after it has been emptied.
  • Place the bin on the verge for collection prior to 6AM on the day of the collection (as some collections are made early in the morning).
  • Please ensure your bin is a least 500mm clear of other bins or other obstructions (basketball hoop, car, etc.)
  • Please do not place hot ashes or material in the bin that may cause dust nuisance or fire hazard.
  • NEVER PUT CONTAINERS OF OIL IN YOUR WHEELIE BIN.  They explode in the truck causing a mess on the truck, road, verge & your bin.  Waste motor oil (up to 20 litres) is accepted free of charge at both the Busselton Transfer Station & Dunsborough Waste Facility every day of the week. 



All enquiries should be directed to the City’s Waste Services on 9781 0359.