Tip Pass Information

Busselton Transfer Station, Rendezvous Rd
Open 7.30am - 4.00pm Seven Days a Week. Ph: 0408 933 441

Dunsborough Waste Facility, Vidler Rd
Open 7.30am - 4.00pm Seven Days a Week  Ph: 0417 179 596

All Waste Facilities are closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

Further information: Waste Administration 9781 0359

How many tip passes do I have?

Households within the rubbish/recycling collection zone are issued with four passes each year, and households outside the rubbish/recycling collection zone are issued with eight passes each year.

Who can use these passes?

Owners of all households in the City of Busselton, urban and rural, are able to use the barcode on their Rates notice as a Tip Pass to be admitted to the waste facilities. A photocopy of the barcode is acceptable. The barcode is permitted to be used until September 30 following the year of issue. Complimentary Tip Passes (cardboard passes) are issued to residents who are having problems receiving or using a barcode for their property.

Have the passes changed?

Yes.  Previously, domestic waste Tip Passes could not be used for green waste, and vice versa.  Tip passes have been changed to “All Purpose” passes and can be used for either domestic waste or green waste.

Can green waste or recyclable items be mixed with domestic waste?

Provided that the items are to be separately disposed of in the correct areas, mixed loads are now permitted with your Tip Pass. However, if rubbish or green waste is mixed with recyclable items and cannot be separated, the tip pass is not acceptable and the load will be charged at the higher rate for Unsorted Mixed Waste.

Can Tip Passes be used for commercial or business waste?

No. Tip passes (both barcodes and complimentary passes) are for waste from a single household only. They are not transferable. Commercial contractors who are removing household domestic waste are not permitted to use the passes, nor are non-commercial contractors who are removing waste from a collection of dwellings.

What if the waste is from a Seniors Card holder?

Contractors disposing of green waste from a Seniors Card holder do not need a green waste tip pass in order to dispose of green waste free of charge. However, a form must be downloaded from the City of Busselton website, be completed by the contractor and the Seniors Card holder, and presented to the gatehouse of the waste facility at the time of disposing of the waste. Go to www.busselton.wa.gov.au, click on “Environment & Waste, Waste Disposal”, and download the attachment titled “Contractor Green Waste Fees Exemption Statement”.

What items are not accepted free of charge with Tip Passes?

  • Car tyres are $8.00 each, to pay for the cost of processing.
  • Mattresses are $5.00 each, to pay for the cost of dismantling and recycling of the components.