Waste Collection Days

Please note that there has been no disruption to waste services amid the COVID19 pandemic and bins will be collected as usual.   

The City of Busselton uses the contractor, Cleanaway, to provide a fortnightly recycling collection service for all households and businesses with yellow-top recycling bins.

Cleanaway will service each property on a fortnightly basis, with the City being divided into "Week 1" and "Week 2".

To find out your next bin date or what week we are currently in along with other information, please open our online maps using the IntraMaps link below.

Open IntraMaps

  1. Click Search All tab
  2. Enter your address into the Search Everything field and select Search
  3. Your property along with your bin day and week number will be displayed in the map window.  Other details can be found in the panel on the right hand side


Intramaps example.png