Resources available to Small Businesses

Personalised Waste Audit & Assessment

The City’s Recycling Education Officer can provide your business with a free personalised waste audit and assessment. You’ll receive a personal waste assessment and a tailored action plan for your business to help you better manage your waste. This should result in cost savings and improved recycling rates. 

What is a waste assessment?

A waste assessment is a tool used to better understand an individual’s, household’s, or commercial entity’s waste stream and come up with solutions to most sustainably manage the waste materials generated. The assessment consists of a waste audit which measures the amount generated by each type of waste and a report which analyses the audit results and identifies areas for improvement. 

Why you should participate.

A waste assessment will help your business reduce waste, which helps the environment and cuts down on your business’ waste disposal bill. Once an organisation understands how it is wasting resources, it can begin conserving, recycling, or reusing instead of sending valuable resources to landfill.

Contact Elizabeth Mulhall, the City of Busselton’s Recycling Education Officer now to express your interest in a free business waste assessment by writing to

Responsible Cafés

If you are a café or sell coffee in disposable cups, it is very worth your while to consider joining the Responsible Cafés movement! All you have to do is offer a discount to your customers who bring their own cup and register your café on the Responsible Cafés website to get on the map of participating cafés so that responsible café visitors can find you. You will also get a vintage-style poster, an information sheet outlining the issue, and bi-yearly metrics on the benefits of the program. To learn more or to register, visit

Compost Revolution

Does your business create organic waste? Have you considered composting your organic waste on-site? The City is currently offering subsidised compost bins to residents, schools & businesses through the Compost Revolution program. Composting kits include a 300L bin and an aerator and will be offered at 60% off RRP (totalling $55.90). The program also provides a tutorial and a quiz to educate residents on the use of the composting products. 

Staff Presentation/Training on Waste Management Practices in the Workplace

The City’s Recycling Education Officer can provide training to you and your team on how to best manage waste in the workplace by assessing current practices and providing advice on how to improve them according to best practice waste management methods. This can include but is not limited to sorting waste, reducing waste, communicating with customers regarding their waste, how to dispose of hazardous waste or waste which is recyclable by alternative means, and providing advice on a long-term maintenance and monitoring program. Contact Elizabeth Mulhall, the City of Busselton’s Recycling Education Officer now to express your interest in a free staff training by writing to