CBD Parking Map

Parking Plans

The City has developed its CBD parking plans over many years to provide the best mix of turnover, convenience and availability. There are several different timed zones along our main streets and shopping centre carparks, and all-day unrestricted parking in peripheral carparks and streets.

The Council has avoided implementation of paid parking but instead has different time restrictions radiating out from areas of high demand to ensure there is parking available for different user groups. The short term timed parking is generally intended for single visit trips, while the shopping centre parking is for those with multiple visitations. All-day parking provides an area for retail and business staff to park which does not fill up bays intended for customers.

How to Avoid Parking Fines

By following these tips you will avoid being issued a parking fine.


  • Look for and observe timed parking restrictions
  • Allow yourself sufficient time to conduct your business and return to your vehicle within the time specified (when in a timed  parking area)
  • Park your vehicle wholly within a parking bay


  • Park or stop in a disabled parking bay unless displaying a valid ACROD permit (this is an offence even when someone is in the vehicle)
  • Park or stop in any areas set aside for buses, or taxis
  • Park or stop in areas designated as ‘No Stopping’
  • Park or stop in a ‘Loading Zone’ unless in a commercial vehicle and you are loading and/or unloading goods
  • Park or stop with any portion of your vehicle on or over a footpath
  • Park or stop on a traffic treatment such as a traffic island or median strip
  • Park or stop facing on-coming traffic (i.e. on the wrong side of the road)
  • Park or stop on a verge unless you have permission of the abutting resident
  • Park or stop within 10 metres of an intersection or corner
  • Park or stop within 3 metres of an unbroken dividing line or median strip
  • Park in a manner that causes an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians
  • Park on the City’s parks and reserves (including beaches and foreshore areas)
  • Remove chalk marks from your tyres
  • Move your vehicle (once parked) and re-park within the same street or timed carpark to avoid time restrictions (these apply for the whole street or area designated)

Parking on Waste Collection Days

Please be considerate of your neighbours and be aware of the Waste Collections Days for your area. On these days you should avoid parking in a manner that may obstruct bins waiting to be emptied, or prevent the rubbish truck from being able to manoeuvre safely in the street (extra care should be taken around schools).

Safe Parking Around Schools

Parking restrictions are put in place in and around schools to protect the children and to aid the flow of traffic during busy school drop-off and pick-up times. It is not practical for schools or the City to provide parking for everyone during these times so it is important for drivers to park lawfully to ensure the safety of children and other motorists.

Rangers not only enforce school parking as part of their routine patrols but also when they receive complaints from local residents, the school itself, or other parents who observe drivers not parking safely or lawfully. If you choose to ignore parking restrictions anywhere around the City you should be prepared for the consequences which may include a parking infringement.

What Can Parents/Guardians Do to Help


  • Walk or cycle to school when dropping off or collecting children
  • Car pool with other parents
  • Be prepared to park further away and walk to the school to relieve traffic congestion
  • Look for, read and obey parking and no stopping signs
  • Use ‘KISS and DROP’ zones only to drop-off and pick-up your children, not for parking
  • Slow down around schools, be courteous to other motorists (allow them to merge) and be aware of all pedestrians
  • Use public transport or school bus services
  • Obey the instructions of teachers, traffic wardens and/or Rangers supervising school parking
  • Accept that parking around schools at drop-off or pick-up times will be limited


  • Park or stop with any part of your vehicle on or over a footpath
  • Park or stop on traffic islands such as median strips (including flush medians)
  • Park or stop on a verge or nature strip without the consent of the abutting resident
  • Park or stop across a driveway
  • Park or stop in a bus zone
  • Park or stop longer than the permitted time in a time parking area
  • Park or stop facing oncoming traffic
  • Park of stop within 10 metres of an intersection or corner
  • Park or stop within 3 metres of an unbroken dividing line or median strip
  • Park or stop or drive on or across a footpath
  • Double park or stop parallel to another vehicle to allow your child to enter or exit your vehicle
  • Obstruct a children’s crossing

 What Can Schools Do to Help

  • Educate students about parking procedures around the school
  • Encourage students to educate their parents about safe school parking
  • Notify parents of any problems via school newsletters and assemblies

Parking and School Zone Signs

No parking and no stopping signs are managed by the City of Busselton and should be obeyed at all times.

Parking signs may be prohibitive designating where parking is not permitted, or permissive designating where parking is permitted but only for a period of time. A sign displaying the international symbol for "No Parking" means a vehicle may only stop to immediately drop off or pick up a passenger or goods. The driver must remain in the vehicle at all times.

A sign displaying the international symbol for "No Stopping" means a vehicle cannot stop in these areas to set down or pick up passengers.

No parking and no stopping signs may also have day and time restrictions. This means the prohibitions apply only during the time and days shown.

Children warning and 40kph school speed signs are the responsibility of Main Roads WA (MRWA). Requests for additional signs or reports of damaged signs should be directed to MRWA Bunbury on 9724 5600 or online at mainroads@wa.go.au.

Parking Maps

As part of our commitment to the provision of information to enable residents and visitors to determine what and where parking is available to meet their needs, the following maps identify the current timed parking restrictions within the Busselton CBD, and Dunsborough.