Leisure & Recreation Planning

In 2013 the City of Busselton Council adopted Active Open Space Planning Recommendations to guide the future planning of active open space facilities within the district. This followed 18 months of consultation, needs assessments, a review of the City Leisure Services Plan and a demographic analysis of individual population precincts across the City. The facilities were assessed as either Local, District or Regional and the recommendations and designations across the region are detailed on the inside pages of the Active Open Space Planning 2013 document.

Click here to view an electronic copy of the Active Open Space Planning Recommendations(PDF, 1MB)

Current Active Open Space planning projects include:

Redevelopment of Barnard Park District Playing Fields


Construction of Barnard Park West Stage 1 was completed in December 2013. This included preliminary earthworks and the removal of the existing sub-standard surface and bringing in of clean fill.  Tenders were awarded for bore, pumps, tank and storage shed, and clearing permits were lodged. The first grant acquittal has been completed and sent to the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR).

An application to DSR for sports lighting for both of the ovals at Barnard Park in 2014/15 round was successful and is being implemented as part of construction works for Barnard Park Central.

Development of Barnard Park Community Club Facilities (Stage 1)

Two project meetings have been held with the Working Group set up to develop the Barnard Park Community Club facility. Full support for the project has been given from all groups concerned.

In June 2014 the City undertook a full case study analysis of similar facilities across the state, culminating in a visit to two successful community clubs in Perth.

The City is currently developing a grant application to the State Government for the next stage in the project, which will be for the development of the first floor of a sports pavilion to service the District Playing Fields at Barnard Park. Funding permitting, the first floor of the pavilion will include change rooms, ablutions, first aid facilities, umpire facilities and a kiosk.

Click here to view an electronic copy of the latest concept for Barnard Park(PDF, 5MB) 

Upgrade of Churchill Park

Works for Churchill Park are being carried out in line with vision for Churchill Park, developed in the Churchill Park Master Plan. As part of this is an implementation strategy in line with council consideration for the City’s Long Term Financial Plan.

Click here to view an electronic copy of the Churchill Park Master Plan(PDF, 10MB)

Vasse Developer Contributions Staging Plan

The City has had on-going discussions with the Department of Education, the developers of Vasse Newtown and the proponents of the Vasse Country Club.  This has resulted in the development of a facility (draft) concept that should meet ‘whole of community’ needs as part of a ‘master planned’ sports complex. This concept will be refined further as the project progresses.

The next step in this project is to finalise a review and change to the Development Guide Plan (DGP) Developer Contributions Plan for Vasse. Endorsement of this by the Council and the Western Australian Planning Commission will allow implementation to occur. This will include a community consultation process.

Click here to view an electronic copy of the latest concept for the ‘Vasse Community and Recreation Precinct’(PDF, 1MB)

Concept development for Shared Use Sporting Precinct Dunsborough

The City is currently undertaking the design of a concept for future shared use (between the community and the Department of Education) sporting facilities on City managed land and a layout for an indicative school site (on DET land) in the Dunsborough Lakes subdivision.  

Sporting Ground Allocations

Applications are invited each year for the use of council reserves by sporting clubs

  • in February for the winter season; and
  • in August for the summer season

Advertisements are taken out in the local paper in the Council for Community page, and on the City of Busselton website.  For further information please contact Tanya Downie on 08 9781 0318 or email tanya.downie@busselton.wa.gov.au

Geographe Smart Clubs

Are you a non-profit organisation providing Sport and Recreation opportunities in the City of Busselton?

If so, the City of Busselton would like to hear from you.

Services offered include:

  • Club Profiling;
  • Website and Community Directory listing;
  • Grant Assistance;
  • Business Planning;
  • Promotional Strategies;
  • Volunteering Strategies;
  • Risk Management; and
  • Other related services.

If your Club would like to participate in some or any of these opportunities please down load the Geographe Smart Club Profile Form below and return to Jeremy.

Geographe Smart Clubs Profile Form(PDF, 110KB)