Busking Guidelines / Permit

The City welcomes non-commissioned street performers (buskers) as a means of creating social interaction amongst visitors and residents, adding vibrancy and interest to public spaces, creating opportunities for performers and for people to enjoy public streets and spaces.

The City has created designated ‘busk stops’ at various suitable locations across Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup. Buskers are required to obtain a permit from the City to perform at the designated busk stops.

To obtain a City of Busselton busking permit buskers need to submit their details below and agree to act in accordance with the following conditions. The conditions have been set out to ensure buskers operate within a manner that maximises the safety and positive experience for buskers, members of the public and nearby businesses. 


 Please see the attached conditions.

To obtain a City of Busselton busking permit please submit the following details:
(eg. driver’s licence, passport, student ID, proof of age card)
Parent/Legal Guardian Consent (if applicant is under 18 years of age)
Busking for Minors
Any busker under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian complete and agree to the following parental consent of this application form. By selecting 'yes' below, you hereby give consent for your child/ward listed above to busk in the City of Busselton. You understand the City of Busselton does not provide supervision of buskers under 18 years of age. You acknowledge you are responsible for your child/ward at all times while they are busking or ensure that they have in their possession a signed authority provided by you indicating their approved supervisor.
Terms & Conditions * *
I agree to perform at the City of Busselton designated busk stops in accordance with the above listed conditions

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The designated busk stops are identifiable by the signage at the location of the busk stop.




  • Corner of Queen and Duchess St (Subculture Retail Store)
  • Mitchell Park
  • Fig Tree Lane, Prince St end and Kent St end
  • Art Geo Cultural Precinct
  • Base of the Busselton Jetty


  • Lions Park
  • Hannay Lane
  • Foreshore


  • Foreshore