Australia Day 2018 - Controls at Meelup & Castle Rock Beach

Published on 18 January 2018


In conjunction with other government agencies, the City of Busselton is taking proactive steps to ensure a family-friendly atmosphere on Meelup Beach and Castle Rock Beach this Australia Day.

Large numbers of locals and holidaymakers are expected to celebrate Australia Day at Meelup Beach and Castle Rock Beach this year.  While there has been a notable improvement in behaviour and the amount of litter dropped at these locations over the years, some people still disrespect the environment and give no consideration to the comfort of others on this special day of national celebration.

Interagency controls will once again be put in place to ensure public safety, curb littering and illegal parking and protect the fragile Meelup environment. These controls focus on water safety, parking compliance and litter prevention.

 Mayor Grant Henley said that anti-social behaviour would not be tolerated at Meelup Beach or Castle Rock beach. “Celebrating Australia Day at the beach is a long-held tradition for many people,” he said. “Out of control parties, loutish behaviour, the dumping of rubbish and trampling of native vegetation are not examples of Australian pride.”

Traffic Management will be set up to restrict access into Meelup Beach and Castle Rock Beach, with parking at these beaches limited to designated parking areas only. This is required to ensure emergency service vehicles have access to these areas on the day and to prevent damage to native vegetation.

City of Busselton Rangers will be attending Meelup Park early in the morning and throughout the day to enforce parking controls and to discourage large groups from setting up party equipment or amplified music that may impact the enjoyment of others.

Marine vessels from the Department of Transport and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Wildlife Services) marine park vessel will patrol the Meelup Park coast throughout the day checking on vessel speed, overloading and being in non-motorised vessel areas.  Local Police will also be on hand to deal with anti-social or criminal behaviour.

Objectives outlined in this statement are aligned with Key Goal Area 3: Environment – valued, conserved and enjoyed.

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