Banner Art Competition

Published on 16 April 2019

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Banner Art Competition

What does the City of Busselton mean to you? How’s the vibe of the place and do you think you can capture it in a picture?
The City is inviting groups and individuals to submit banner designs for potential display down Queen Street, Busselton and Naturaliste Terrace Dunsborough. Ideally we’re looking to get 24 colourful designs that add vibrancy to our town centres and reflect the uniqueness of the municipality.  
The competition will run from 3 April until 3 May and with banner designs displayed at Railway House before installation.  There will also be a prize for the People’s Choice Award.


Its-the-Vibe-of-the-Place-Banner-Art-Competition.pdf (PDF, 947KB)

 Its-the-Vibe-of-the-Place-Street-Banner-Competition-Entry-and-Artwork-Form-2019.pdf (PDF, 161KB)