Council Rejects Wake Board Park Development

Published on 15 August 2018

In a unanimous decision City of Busselton Council has rejected an application for a mixed-use development comprising a recreational wakeboard park, restaurant/reception centre and six chalets proposed for construction in Anniebrook.

The application was refused due to the scale of the proposed development (in the context of the site) and the potential loss of amenity and impact on neighbouring properties.

Mayor Grant Henley said that while Council recognised that a development of this kind could make a substantial contribution to the tourism potential of the district, it was inconsistent with the objectives of the locality’s agricultural zoning.

“Council supports the concept in principle and acknowledges the potential tourism and employment benefits. However, the developer’s plans were not consistent with the relevant planning framework and approval would not have constituted orderly and proper planning.”

This development application generated a high level of interest and a significant number of submissions were received during the consultation period. The main concerns raised were noise amenity, and traffic generation. In considering the application Council agreed that a development of this nature would be more appropriate in a different location and that they may be happy to work with the proponent in the investigation of alterative location options.

Objectives outlined in this statement are aligned with Key Goal Area 4 in the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan (2013): Economy – Diverse, robust, prosperous. Ends.

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