Dogs on Beaches

Published on 23 September 2015


After extensive community consultation, Council has adopted a new approach to the management of dogs in public places, including beaches.

The City will begin implementing these new arrangements from 1 December this year. Initially City Rangers will focus on raising community awareness about these new arrangements.

This local law sees beaches under the control of Council falling into three designations:

  • Exercise areas where dogs are allowed off leash at all times. Outside Meelup Regional Park, this will apply to the vast majority of the coast.
  • Seasonal areas where dogs will be allowed off leash, other than 9am-5pm, 1 December-28 February during which time dogs are prohibited.
  • Prohibited areas where dogs are prohibited at all times. Outside Meelup Regional Park, this will only apply to eight small areas.

New signage is being erected in strategic locations along the coast indicating whether or not dogs are permitted and whether they can be exercised off the leash.   A map showing these areas of designation is available here.