Published on 26 April 2017


The City of Busselton is calling for expressions of interest from local charity/community groups to partner with the City in the provision of a reuse shop for pre-loved household goods at the Busselton Waste Transfer and Recycling Centre, Rendezvous Road, Busselton.

The City will provide a suitable site within the Busselton Waste Transfer and Recycling Centre on Rendezvous Road Busselton, including a suitably sized and constructed shed, road access and parking, loading and unloading areas.

The general expression of interest should consider the following:

  • The Partnership shall develop operating procedures for the efficient handling, recovery, appraisal, storage, display, sales, marketing and transporting of Reusable and Recyclable Material.
  • The Partnership shall provide labour, plant and equipment required to carry out the Work under a formal agreement.
  • The arrangement will require that the City’s partner keep records of all operating procedures and shall make them available upon request.
  • The arrangement will require that the partner shall continually improve and update its processes, procedures and technology in order to achieve the parties’ common goal of minimising waste to landfill.

The Partner shall take into consideration:

  • Use the Site only for the purpose of conducting therein the Permitted Business and shall not, without first obtaining the prior written consent of the City use the Site for any other purpose;
  • Obtain from any Local or Public Authority or any other relevant body, any approvals, permits, consents or licences required by law to carry on the Permitted Business from the Site;
  • Not use or permit to be used the Site for any unlawful, immoral, noxious, noisy, offensive trade, business, occupation or calling; and
  • Not use or permit to be used the Site for any residential purposes.

 Should you consider submitting an expression of interest, the following basic information is to be submitted for review:-

  • Executive summary
  • Overview of business operations
  • Proposed partnering arrangements
  • Mission Principles
  • Financial Operating Principles
  • Commercial operating Principles (Resource Recovery & Retail Operations)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Conclusion

Expressions of Interest should be submitted by close of business on 19 May 2017 and must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Busselton, Locked Bag 1, BUSSELTON  WA  6280. 

 Further enquiries may be directed to Vitor Martins P: 08 9781 0425 or E: