Looking for Long-term Alternatives to Landfill

Published on 08 July 2019

The South West Regional Waste Group to which the City of Busselton is a party, is inviting businesses to suggest alternatives to landfill and has issued a Memorandum to help clarify conditions. 

The group feels that the timing is right to explore the broadening range of new and emerging technologies that can potentially turn waste into valuable by-products and reduce the volume of waste to landfill at the same time.

The waste processing market is rapidly advancing as communities and businesses become more aware of the importance of waste management and its latent value. New ideas and innovations in relation to waste management are constantly emerging and it is vitally important that Local Governments and other decision-making bodies continue to liaise closely with industry in order to identify potential opportunities.

Securing feedback from the private sector on how companies can optimise current and future waste market conditions is an important first step. Information obtained now will inform future decision making as Local Governments seek to align their approach to waste management with the State Government’s direction which is moving toward the establishment of a circular waste economy. The underlying principle that waste generated from one business becomes a key resource for another business.

To this end the South West Regional Waste Group is asking companies at the local, national and international markets to submit proposals on how municipal waste may be used to benefit the broader South West region both now and into the future.  These ideas will be assessed by the group when considering long-term answers to regional waste management.

 A review of the current waste processing / management market is available on relevant Councils’ webpages and the South West Development Commission webpage.

 Industry suggestions should be made by way of a written submission and emailed to:


Attention Nick Edwards

Submissions are open until 30 November 2019.

 Please contact Nick Edwards on nick.edwards@busselton.wa.gov.au or phone 9781 0319 for more about this request for feedback and / or the objectives of the South Regional Waste Group in general.

The Objectives out lined in this media release are aligned to Key Goal Area 4 in the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan (2017): An economy that is diverse, robust, and prosperous.  Key Goal Area 5: An Environment that is Valued, Conserved and Enjoyed.

 Ends.   Media enquiries can be directed to media@busselton.wa.gov.au