Puma Decision to be Appealed in the Supreme Court - 2017.9.22

Published on 02 October 2017

The City has received notification that the Southern Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) has appealed the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) decision to allow the development of a petrol station on Dunn Bay Road Dunsborough.

The JDAP has lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court against the overturning by SAT of its refusal of the application by DCSC Pty Ltd for the development of a petrol Station in the Dunsborough town centre.  The lodging of the appeal is good news for the City of Busselton and for the broader Dunsborough community who have been vocal in their dissatisfaction with the development in the proposed location.

City of Busselton Mayor, Grant Henley said that Council had been very disappointed with the decision by SAT to allow the development to proceed despite the recommendations of the JDAP.

“The City consistently recommended to JDAP that the development should not be approved. Twice JDAP deliberated on the development and twice it decided that it should not proceed. We were, therefore, very disappointed with SAT’s decision to overturn the JDAP decision and approve the development plans.

The fact that JDAP has lodged an appeal against SAT’s overruling of its decision provides an important reprieve for our community and I applaud JDAP for having the fortitude to exercise their right of appeal.  Obviously, we are hoping that the Supreme Court will find in the favour of the JDAP and the development will not proceed.  However, regardless of the outcome, the appeal process is likely to be lengthy and we can assume that development is not imminent and the location may even be re-considered by the proponent given the prevailing community attitude.”

The Dunsborough Foreshore and CBD has benefited significantly from a series of staged upgrades over the past few years.  Road modification works and the installation of new pathways have improved vehicle and pedestrian accessibility. Car parking has been upgraded and significant investment made in landscaping and public amenity. 

The next stage of townscape works in Dunsborough will involve the opening up of public space and increasing green space in the town centre.  The existing carparks in front of the Old General Store and the BP Service Station will be rationalised with a portion of this space being transformed into landscaped gardens as outlined in the Dunsborough Town Centre Conceptual Plan.

Outcomes and objectives outlined in this statement align with Key Goal Area 2 in the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan (2017): Places and Spaces that are vibrant, attractive, and affordable.


Media enquiries can be directed to Meredith.Dixon@busselton.wa.gov.au