Seagrass Wrack Redistribution Work to Commence

Published on 18 December 2017

In response to residents’ safety concerns the City of Busselton will proceed with action to reduce the height and instability of the seagrass wrack accumulation on a section of beach west of the Port Geographe Marina.

The City has been in regular contact with the Department of Transport (DoT) in relation to the amount of seagrass present in this area and recently to express safety concerns raised by residents. 

With DoT’s approval the City will engage a contractor to redistribute a portion of the seagrass wrack (as much as possible) in an effort to reduce the accumulation which the community has concerns over.   

The redistribution works will commence as soon as a suitable contractor becomes available and favourable weather conditions prevail. The City aims to have the works completed before Christmas, however, work will cease immediately should odour monitoring indicate H2S levels are exceeding acceptable safety thresholds.  The capacity for wrack to move back into the cleared area must also be acknowledged.

City of Busselton Mayor Grant Henley said that the decision to proceed with works was not made lightly. “DoT has been monitoring the movement of sediment and sea wrack along this area of coast since the groyne reconfiguration. While we are conscious of the need to enable this monitoring to continue and understand there are potential benefits in leaving the wrack in place to assist with the natural bypassing of material in future years,  the City of Busselton agree with residents in that the current accumulation is in excess of build-up experienced in other years post configuration. This is due to a combination of more wrack, an absence of late storms, a change in the direction of wind and wave action as well as lower tidal surges this year. With the Department’s approval, Council has decided to take action on this occasion, noting that any future works remain incumbent on the managing authority.

Council will continue to lobby the Government on behalf of residents to ensure safety concerns relating to any excessive build-up of wrack on this section of beach are addressed until such time that the full benefit of the groyne configuration is realised.”

 In addressing community concerns the City will also temporarily fence off a portion of beach west of the groyne where wrack redistribution work will not be undertaken.  Any concerns relating to beach amenity should be directed to the City of Busselton on 9781 0444. Specific concerns about odour and long-term management of the accumulation should be directed to the Department of Transport.