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Starting a business is exciting! But there are a few things you may need to consider.

Taking an idea and turning it into a business can be exciting. However, you’ll need to make sure that you:

  • Have a business plan
  • Possess all of the required permits
  • Register your business with all of the relevant authorities.

Steps to starting a business

Business Research

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) can give you free practical advice for the preparation needed before you start your business. They can also help you assess your business idea, build your business plan, chose your business structure and figure out your finances.

Address: Level 2, 140 William St, Perth
Phone: 13 12 49

Select a Business Type

Businesses can range from a small office that is run out of your home to a large venue. Depending on the type of business you wish to set up, you may be required to apply for approval or get permission from the City. These various business types include:

  • Home-based businesses
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Hairdressing or skin penetration businesses
  • Outdoor exercise permits

Planning and Building Approval

You will need to establish if you require planning approval before you can start your new business. You can get further information via one of the pages below:

Health Approval

There are legislation and codes of practice to follow, specific health and safety training to undertake and approvals to obtain before opening. For further information please visit our information on Safe Food. 


Permits - Trading in Public Places

The City of Busselton oversees commercial activities that occur on public land throughout the City of Busselton locality.

If you would like to use City of Busselton land to conduct a commercial activity such as trading and / or hiring equipment, you are required to obtain the relevant permit from the City of Busselton.

Additionally, the City of Busselton Commercial Use of City Land and Facilities policy for mobile food vendors, if you are interested in selling food products visit our Food Business page.

Permits available to conduct your commercial activity include:

Commercial Hire Sites and Foreshore Kiosks 

The City has designated a number of Commercial Hire Sites to add vibrancy and activities to our high-profile locations such as the Busselton and Dunsborough Foreshores and Meelup Beach.  Additionally, the City has purpose-built kiosks available for trading at the Busselton Foreshore.  We are seeking local producers and small businesses with product offerings that showcase the local region and complement the existing café/restaurant and activity offerings already available at the foreshore.

Anyone wishing to trade using a commercial hire site or would like to apply for a foreshore kiosk must complete a Commercial Hire Site application form. 

Please refer to the Commercial Trading Locations Map before completing your application form to reference preferred site number.

Commercial Hire Site Application Form

Commercial Trading Locations Map

If you would like further information, please contact the Economic Development Team on 08 9781 0444 or email 

Commercial Activity Permit

If you would like to use City owned or managed land such as parks and reserves that are not a Commercial Hire Site for your commercial business offering, please complete the Commercial Activity Permit Application

Please note for a commercial activity permit;

  • you must be able to demonstrate why an available Commercial Hire Site (CHS) cannot be used
  • fees are based on the area you require and frequency of trading and listed in the City’s Adopted Fees and Charges.  

Marine Berthing Permit

The City has two purpose built marine berthing platforms at the iconic Busselton Jetty.  The marine berthing platforms allow for marine tourism vessels (boats and tenders) to pick up and disembark passengers.  The western platform is 15m in length, the eastern platform is 35m in length. Both have a displacement limit of 50T and can accommodate vessels up to a maximum draft of 2 metres.  If you would like to use this platform please view the information below and compete the attached application form.


  • Safety management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Vessel details
  • Public liability insurance and workers compensation

Note: The City of Busselton reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason.

Fees and charges available- in the City of Busselton Adopted Schedule of Fees and charges 2020/21 Financial Year (Page – 23) fees determined based on the permit period and length of the vessel.

Useful Contacts for Starting a Business


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