Council Elections

Local government ordinary elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October. 

Councillors are elected for four year terms, with half of the Councillors terms concluding at each biennial election.

The Mayor of the City is elected by the Councillors from amongst themselves.  The Western Australian Electoral Commission conducts the City's elections. Every elector of the district, over 18 years of age, is eligible to vote. 

2019 City of Busselton Council Election

2019 Results

The Council Elections were held Saturday 19th October 2019. The successful candidates were as follows. 

CRONIN, Phill - 4078 votes (4 year term)

COX, Kate - 3658 votes (4 year term)

RICCELLI, Sue - 3682 votes (4 year term)

PAINE, Ross - 3579 votes (4 year term)

CARTER, Paul Thomas - 3415 votes  (4 year term)

BARRETT-LENNARD, Jo - 3388 votes (2 year term)

Further information can be found by visiting the Electoral Commission website


Voting in Elections

The State Electoral Roll

The State Electoral Roll is maintained by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. People who reside in the City of Busselton and are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll for the City of Busselton will automatically appear on this roll.

Enrolment forms for the State Electoral Roll are available from all post offices, all Australian Electoral Commission Offices or the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

The Owners and Occupiers Roll

The Owners and Occupiers Roll is for individuals who own a rateable property located in the City of Busselton or are nominated by a Body Corporate that owns or occupies rateable property in the City of Busselton. To be eligible, your name must be on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll for a district other than the City of Busselton.

Enrolment forms for the Owners and Occupiers Roll can be found here: Form 2: Enrolment Eligibility Claim Form.

In order to vote in Local Government Elections individuals must be enrolled on either the State Electoral Roll or the Owners and Occupiers Roll.

Individuals will only be recorded on one of the above Rolls, not both.

Check if You're Enrolled 

If you need to check whether they are enrolled on the State Roll for the City of Busselton can do so by visiting the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

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