Call for Special Meeting of Electors Not Ignored

Published on Friday, 17 July 2020 at 10:42:00 AM

Contrary to discussions within the community that the City has dismissed concerns and the call for a special meeting of electors, the City’s Councillors and Chief Executive Officer are keen to facilitate the request for an electors meeting on the Busselton Performing Arts and Convention Centre as soon as possible.

Under the Local Government (COVID-19 Response) Order 2020, local governments are restricted from holding special electors meetings during the current WA State of Emergency. The City has written to the Minister of Local Government seeking further consideration toward holding the meeting.

Mayor Grant Henley affirmed Council’s commitment to provide opportunity for the community to be heard and understands there is concern surrounding the project. “While it does seem bizarre that AFL returns to Perth with large crowds of up to 30,000 but we cannot hold a special electors meeting, it is a restriction that is out of the City’s hands and one that it must operate within. Rumours that Council has blocked or dismissed community concerns are disappointing and simply not true.

The City is progressing the Busselton Performing Arts and Convention Centre project to the tender stage in order to meet its timeline commitment for the $10.35 million funding committed by the Australian Government under its Regional Growth Fund. However, there is a ‘stop point’ that will occur later this year when Council decides whether to award a tender and this will be subject to a further Council decision.

In the meantime, it is hoped the City can facilitate a special meeting of electors, should the State of Emergency or current restrictions on local governments be lifted.”

The City is also currently conducting its Cultural Interpretation Strategy Survey and encourages those who are passionate about the future of our arts, culture and heritage to have their say. The survey closes on Thursday 6 August 2020. To find out more on the survey and the new performing arts and convention centre visit

Objectives outlined in this statement are aligned with Key Goal Area 4 in the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan (Review 2019):
An economy that is diverse, robust and prosperous.

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