City of Busselton announces Neuron Mobility to trial E-Scooters

Published on Tuesday, 13 December 2022 at 12:00:00 PM

The City of Busselton is excited to announce that a permit has been approved for Neuron Mobility to operate e-scooters in Busselton on a 12 month trial. The fleet of up to 250 e-scooters is due to be rolled out before Christmas and will allow residents and tourists alike to travel around the city centre and will extend to Dunsborough via the coastal dual use path.

Neuron was selected due to its strong track record of partnering with councils across Australia and its leadership when it comes to safety and innovation. Neuron will invest significantly into the City, creating approximately 20 local jobs and increase economic activity.  

Mayor Grant Henley said the increasingly popular e-scooters will be a welcomed addition to the transport options currently available to residents and tourists.  

“Neuron’s commercial grade e-scooters are packed with safety features, including integrated helmets, a 000 Emergency Button feature that can detect if a rider has had a fall and voice guidance to educate riders on how to ride safely.” 

“Geofencing technology controls where e-scooters are ridden, parked and how fast they can travel. In WA the Government regulated speed is a maximum of 25km per hour. E-scooters cannot leave the boundaries of the e-scooter trial riding area and we have worked with Neuron to set slow-zones, no-ride zones and no-parking zones.” 

“Whether you are walking, riding a bike, driving a car or using an e-scooter in a shared space, it’s important that everyone abides by the rules and is respectful towards each other,” Mayor Henley said. 

Regional Manager at Neuron Mobility, Lachlan McLean said “We are delighted to have been chosen by Busselton to provide our e-scooters as part of this trial and thank them for their trust and support. E-scooters will be a great way for locals, as well as tourists to travel in a safe, convenient and environmentally-friendly way. Elsewhere in Australia they are significantly reducing congestion and emissions, while also helping to boost the local economy.” 

He continued: “Safety is our top priority, it dictates our e-scooter design and also the way we operate them. Our e-scooters are packed with a range of cutting-edge safety features and we know from experience in other cities that riders really appreciate this.” 

Riders will be able to unlock and use the e-scooters through Neuron’s user-friendly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and set up in a matter of minutes. Standard single trips will cost $1.00 to unlock the e-scooter and 45 cents per minute thereafter. More frequent users have the option to purchase Neuron Passes, allowing users to ride as many times as they want for up to 90 minutes per day for as little as $3.30 a day, with no additional unlocking fee. 

For more information about Neuron Mobility visit: or the City's e-scooter information page.

Objectives outlined in this statement are aligned with the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan (2021 - 2031) Key Themes Lifestyle: A place that is relaxed, safe and friendly with services and facilities that support our lifestyle. 


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