Lower Vasse River Sediment Removal Works to commence in early 2022

Published on Monday, 30 August 2021 at 8:50:00 AM

The City of Busselton continues to progress plans to commence the removal of sediment from the Lower Vasse River, with the aim of improving water quality. 

Nutrient-rich sediments have built up on the bed of the Lower Vasse River over many decades and are an important factor in fuelling the cycle of summertime algal blooms.

City of Busselton Councillor and Chair of the Lower Vasse River Management Advisory Group, Cr Sue Riccelli advised “Many in the community have been calling for sediment removal for many years, and it is very exciting that we are now in a position to start that work.”

Mayor Grant Henley advised “Whilst sediment removal alone is not expected to prevent algal blooms occurring in the River, it is an important step if we are to achieve our aim of significantly reducing the extent, severity and duration of blooms in the future.”

Sufficient funds have now been secured to remove sediment in the section of the River between the Butter Factory and Causeway Road bridge. This section of the River was supported as the first stage by the Lower Vasse River Management Advisory Group due to poor water quality, the fact that background studies to support environmental approvals were available, high public access and the need for and availability of Rotary Park for the works.

The City has also submitted a further grant application which, if successful, would mean that sediment removal could also occur in the section of the River upstream of Causeway Road. The City will not, however, know whether that application has been successful until November. As opportunities arise, more funding applications will be made to support continued sediment removal further up the River. Environmental and Aboriginal Heritage approvals for sediment removal are also required, and the City is seeking approval for sediment removal all the way from the Butter Factory to the Busselton Bypass.

It is planned that the first phase of sediment removal will commence in January 2022, and would be complete by around May. There will be some disruption when the works are underway, especially in Rotary Park. There will be further information available about this exciting project in coming months.

Objectives outlined in this statement are aligned with Key Theme 1 in the City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan 2021: An environment that is valued, conserved and enjoyed by current and future generations.

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