Tuart Drive Bridge Update

Published on Thursday, 29 July 2021 at 1:44:14 PM

In conjunction with the City of Busselton, Main Roads WA is currently managing the development and delivery for the replacement of the bridge on Tuart Drive over Abba River, which was destroyed by fire on 25 March 2020.


The scope of works consists of:

  • Demolition and removal of the remaining existing bridge
  • Installation of piles and construction of new bridge abutments
  • Construction of a new 2 lane bridge on current road alignment
  • Construction of approach road works
  • Installation of road and bridge surfacing
  • Completion of associated ancillary works
  • Complete funding for the replacement bridge was confirmed in November 2020.


Design update:

  • Waterways assessment to determine replacement options for the bridge has been completed.
  • The bridge design is complete.


Heritage update:

  • As the (burnt) bridge is more than 60 years old, its demolition is required to follow the Government's Heritage Property Disposal Process. The Heritage Council has approved the proposed works.
  • Aboriginal heritage approvals have now been obtained.


Environmental update:

  • Environmental approvals for the proposed bridge work have been obtained.
  • A Construction Environmental Management Plan has been developed to manage the project risks.


Project Timeframes:

  • Contract documentation - April 2021
  • Award of Tender to Contractor - May/June 2021
  • Construction of precast bridge components commence - June/July 2021
  • Onsite Project commence - Sept/Oct 2021
  • Completion of Project - Late 2021/early 2022


Due to COVID-19, initial development of the project was quite challenging. Main Roads WA and the City of Busselton have maintained a business as usual approach as much as possible, although COVID has certainly impacted the progression of works.


The City of Busselton, with Main Roads WA, have been effectively progressing with the project. The initial 18 month estimated time line was the minimum amount of time for the bridge to remain closed to allow for funding, design and construction to be arranged (the anticipated timeframe was not intended to be the maximum time to complete the works).


It is worth noting that the design of a structure with a 100 year design life requires rigorous planning and robust investigations to ensure an appropriate option is selected. The selected option must not only meet the current design standards and required service levels, it must also be a cost effective solution that is considered value for money.



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