Update on the Lower Vasse River

Published on Wednesday, 3 March 2021 at 10:11:16 AM

Implementation of the Lower Vasse River Management Plan is entering the next step with detailed designs for the creation of a living stream now being prepared.
These designs, which are being developed by Alluvium Consulting, provide a multi-staged approach to reducing blue-green algal blooms in the river. 
Stage 1 of the Living Stream concept design involves the removal of sediments in the river. The build up of sediments in the river is a key source of nutrients that contributes to algal blooms. This approach has received high community support in consultation undertaken by the City and was recently selected as a priority by the Lower Vasse River Management Advisory Group.
The City is applying for external funding and progressing environmental approvals to undertake sediment removal. Subject to funding, environmental approval and ongoing consultation with local Aboriginal people, sediment removal is scheduled to start next summer.

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