West Busselton Beach Scraping

Published on Thursday, 24 November 2022 at 1:17:41 PM

The foreshore at West Busselton, like many areas along the Geographe Bay foreshore, has been subject to foredune erosion. There are narrow buffers to infrastructure and recovery of eroded foredunes following northerly winter storms occurs but is a relatively slow process.

The foredunes in West Busselton were severely eroded in May 2020. The City is progressively rebuilding these foredunes using beach scraping. Material is sourced from the lower part of the beach and transported then placed in-front of the eroded foredune.

Previous works have been focused on the beach between King St and Gale St. This year's works will also include eroded foredunes between the GBYC boat ramp and the Vasse Diversion Drain.

The works will be undertaken over a 2-week period in November/December 2022. There will be temporary closures of beach areas where contractors are working to manage public safety. We appreciate your patience whilst these works are underway.  

These works are part of the wider 10-year Coastal Management Plan for Geographe Bay, with beach monitoring undertaken to assess the performance of the works.

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