Yallingup Telstra Substation Transformed

Published on Friday, 1 October 2021 at 8:41:00 AM

Have you noticed the bright artwork now covering a graffiti political statement at the Yallingup Telstra Substation on the corner of Yallingup Caves Road?

The residents of Yallingup, a little tired of graffiti, approached the City of Busselton to do something about it. Once permission was granted by Telstra, there was some work to do in getting some themes decided upon by the local residents and businesses. Following liaison with the WA Police, artwork was secured by the Dunsborough Progress Association for the Yallingup Residents Association – community collaboration at its best!

Mija Cairns, WA Police Community Engagement Division said “Graffiti offenders often target places that look abandoned or uncared for and urban art can be a great preventative strategy. By addressing a long-standing graffiti hotspot such as this particular Telstra substation, we hope it will help prevent further graffiti in the surrounding area and give a flash of colour to the entrance to Yallingup.”

Sergeant Robbie Fay, Officer in Charge at Dunsborough Police Station said “From a police perspective it was a wonderful idea for the community to be involved and a local artist to create the artwork and express what graffiti art represents. The WA Police Graffiti team has enjoyed being part of this project, in collaboration with the City of Busselton, Telstra and a fantastic local artist.”

Telstra Regional Manager Boyd Brown said this was a great opportunity for local Yallingup artist, Sam Allen, to publicly and prominently display their works for locals and tourists to appreciate. Mr Brown welcomed the support and assistance of the local residents’ associations, the City of Busselton and the WA Police graffiti team.

Jeremy Warren and Sue Schlueter from the Yallingup Resident’s Association said that the artwork added quirkiness and vibrancy to the entry to Yallingup and expressed their gratitude to the City officers involved for being the driving force in co-ordinating the project and ensuring it happened. 

City of Busselton Mayor Grant Henley said “It is wonderful to see the successful transformation of the substation.  It also shows the amazing result of bringing community and organisations together through arts activity. We hope it inspires more creative community led projects, particularly as the City has launched its new ‘You Choose’ community funding program.”


City of Busselton Councillors Jo Barrett-Lennard and Kate Cox; WA Police Force, Community Engagement Division Mija Cairns; and City of Busselton Cultural Development Officer Jacquie Happ.

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