Holiday Homes 

A ‘Holiday Home’ is the un-hosted use of a dwelling for short stay accommodation. Development Approval along with an annual registration is required before operating.

For hosted short stay accommodation where the landowner lives onsite offering a room/s to guests, please see Bed & Breakfast Information Sheet for details.

Is My Property Bushfire Prone?

Much of the City of Busselton has been identified as ‘bushfire prone’. A Holiday Home is classified as a ‘Vulnerable Land Use’ which requires additional bushfire planning.

To find out if your property is bushfire prone go to the DFES website.

If your property is highlighted pink on the map, it is ‘bushfire prone’.

You can find more details on Bushfire & My Development.

Not bushfire prone? Skip ahead to Step 2.

Apply for Development Approval

Check your property and proposed guest numbers against the Holiday Home Information Sheet.

To submit your application, please complete a Application for Development Approval and all other required documents listed in the Holiday Home Application Checklist.

A decision may take up to 60 days, or 90 days where referral to neighbours or the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (if your property is bushfire prone) is required.

LPP 4.1 – Holiday Homes.

Development Approval Issued

Should your application be approved, please check your approval letter and determination notice carefully. Approvals are issued subject to conditions, some of which may need to be met prior to letting out your holiday home.

If your property is bushfire prone, in addition to implementing your BMP, you may need to have a Notification placed on your Certificate of Title.

Section 70A Notification Information Sheet & How-to Guide 


Once a Development Approval is issued for your Holiday Home, the next step is to lodge your application for registration under the City’s Holiday Homes Local Law.

You will need to advise the City who is managing the property on your behalf by completing an Application for Registration of a Holiday Home. All parties are required to sign the form. It’s important the Manager and Acting Manager nominated are aware of their obligations under the Holiday Homes Local Law.

You must receive your Registration Certificate before you start operating.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my manager?

Please notify the City of any change to the nominated manager or acting manager within 24 hours. All owners are required to sign the Change of Manager/Acting Manager form.

What happens if I sell my property?

Development Approvals run with the land and do not need to be altered or renewed should the landowners change. The new owners have the option to live in the dwelling and/or continue to use as a Holiday Home by completing a new Application for Registration of a Holiday Home.

How do I increase the number of guests that can stay?

You will need to submit a new application for Development Approval. A maximum of 12 guests can be considered for a ‘Holiday Home (Single House)’ with a maximum of 6 guests for ‘Holiday Home (Multiple/Grouped Dwelling)’. Start at Step 1 above. 

You will also be required to have your registration certificate re-issued prior to accepting extra guests.

Holiday Home Information Sheet 

LPP 4.1 – Holiday Homes 

How do I make a complaint about a holiday home operating near me?

To regulate and manage Holiday Homes the City has implemented Holiday Home Local Laws to assist in protecting the amenity for visitors and residents alike. If you have concerns about an operating Holiday Home please Report It on our online form and the City will contact you.

Will the approval change my rates?

Yes. Once a Registration Certificate is issued, a rates levy will be applied to your property. More details can be found at Your Rates Explained

Useful Documents 

Information Sheet - State Government Release of Draft Position Statement: Planning for Tourism 

Request for Building Plans 

Application for Registration of a Holiday Home

Holiday Home Regulatory Review_2021 Consultation Outcomes Report

Lighting Fires & BBQs - Holiday Home Brochure

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