Economic Development

Economic development across the City of Busselton is about sustainably attracting and growing business and industry, creating and retaining meaningful jobs and making our community a better place to live.

The Economic and Business Development unit exists to identify, support and promote existing businesses and new industry opportunities to ensure sustainable, strategic and long-term economic growth.

Our vision is about diversity, sustainability, jobs and investment, and the vibrancy and liveability of economic growth.

By sustainably using our natural resources, supporting our community with exceptional lifestyle infrastructure and services and enabling diverse business, employment and investment opportunities, we strive toward delivering a place "Where Environment, Lifestyle and Opportunity Meet!"

The City actively encourage business, community and all levels of Government to continue collaborating and knowledge sharing on regional issues to ensure we can best deliver economic development outcomes for the region.

The City of Busselton’s economic development team is responsible for assisting with the development and growth of the City’s local economy, promoting tourism, supporting local businesses and encouraging new business activities.

Business Development, Events & Marketing Program

The program includes grant funding supporting economic development and marketing initiatives delivered by stakeholder groups.

Grant Funding is available under two streams:

  • Economic Development Initiatives - supporting priorities identified in the City of Busselton's Economic Development Strategy 2022-27.
  • Marketing Initiatives: Supporting initiatives that improve the visitor experience within the City of Busselton and strengthen the Busselton regional brand.

Program Guidelines available here.

Economic Development Advisory Group and Stakeholder Group

Council established an Economic Development Advisory Group to steer the implementation plan and facilitate collaboration between Government, industry and community groups that have a role in local economic development. In addition, a broad community, business and industry Economic Development Stakeholder Group provide regular updates on issues and opportunities to guide the Advisory Group's efforts.

Economic Development Strategy 2022-27 and Implementation Plan

Adopted in June 2022, the Economic Development Strategy 2022-27 harnesses the potential of our City and positions it into the future whilst providing a framework that outlines our priorities and deliverable actions for socio-economic development over the next five years. Accompanying the Economic Development Strategy is a detailed implementation plan that acts as an agile framework for projects and programs delivered in collaboration with business and industry.

Economic Development Strategy 

Implementation Plan - Economic Development 2022-2027

Economic Development Forum 2022

The City hosted its inaugural Economic Forum in June 2022. This full-day interactive program of keynote speakers, panel and Q&A sessions addressed current issues. It examined the economic outlook and industries that drive the City of Busselton and the broader South West region. This Event promoted conversations and cooperative partnerships on issues and opportunities to effect socio-economic progress, facilitated information flow and networking opportunities across industry sectors and engaged government agencies, industry, investors, media and the broader community.

Economic Forum Program 2022

Video recordings of the event

Welcome, Economy, Skills, Jobs and Housing

Video Tourism and Funding

Sustainable, Collaborative, Creative and Business Wellness

Investment Attraction Report 2021: Growing our Key Opportunities

In 2021 the City undertook research into new, emerging and diversified industries that will provide sustainable growth and development opportunities. The City is progressing these opportunities through the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy.

Investment Attraction Report 2021

Smart City Strategy 2020-24

The City of Busselton's Smart City Strategy 2020-24 positions Busselton to support a productive, accessible, liveable city that attracts talent, encourages innovation and promotes jobs and growth. This Strategy assists Busselton in adapting to a new technology-driven economy, expanding innovative thinking and supporting social and economic development.

Smart City Strategy 2020-24

Busselton and Dunsborough Place Project Outcomes Report 2019

In 2019 the City convened a series of place-making workshops that involved community members, local business owners, Councillors, City staff and relevant stakeholders. The workshops developed an Outcomes Report that the City uses to guide future actions relating to place-making for both Busselton and Dunsborough.

Busselton and Dunsborough Place Project Outcomes Report 2019

Data and Statistics

The City of Busselton engages REMPLAN for up-to-date economic and demographic data and statistics.

This information can be helpful when developing your business case, funding proposals and grant applications.

City of Busselton Economic Report 2021

City of Busselton live REMPLAN DATA

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