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There are two horse exercise beaches within the City.

One is located in Anniebrook, the other in Wonnerup.  

Riders are asked to clean up after their horses, and to respect other beach users. For the safety of all beach goers, horse floats and vehicles should not be taken onto the beach.

Anniebrooke Horse Exercise Area

The beach west of Station Gully drain east for approximately 1.2 kilometres, excluding sand dunes and/ or vegetated areas.

Horse exercise areas are clearly sign posted. Refer to the maps for designated beach exercise areas (horse) and parking options.

Owners who exercise their horses at beaches outside of these designated locations may be given a $200 penalty (4.2(3) Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2015).

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Wonnerup East Horse Exercise Area

The beach adjacent to Forrest Beach Road north east to the Shire of Capel boundary, excluding sand dunes and/ or vegetated area.

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