Parking - Saltwater

There are 2,800 parking bays within a 500m radius of Saltwater. Parking demand has been assessed as sufficient, foreshore and town centre parking is predominantly used during the day.

It is expected the majority of large events in Saltwater requiring parking will be during the evening, therefore parking on the opposite foreshore and in car parks a short walk away in town, will be available. Event programming and planning will also consider other events happening in the area and seasonal variations in parking demand.

Other options to handle peak demand include:

  • Lit and safe drop off zones around the facility
  • Wayfinding signage showing nearby parking and walking distances
  • A Smart Parking app is being considered showing bay locations and availability
  • Ongoing upgrades to cycle paths, bike racks and walkways to encourage alternate forms of transport
  • Short-term overflow parking will be available at Signal Park when needed
  • Shuttle buses will be investigated for best pick up and drop off zones and times

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