Event Sponsorship Program


The Events Sponsorship Program is for funding amounts over $1,000.

Major or hallmark events that occur on an annual basis may be offered a multi-year agreement, subject to negotiation.

Who can apply 

Community Groups, Event Organisers

When to apply 

Two rounds available:

  • March (for events conducted 1 July – 30 June)
  • September (for events conducted 1 January – 30 June)

Application forms will become available on this web page, at the beginning of each round.

What funding is available 

There are two streams of funding available to apply for, economic focused events and community focused events.

Economic focused events

Aim to bring visitation to the region and generate economic benefits as a result; provide significant media exposure and promotion of the City of Busselton and surrounding region.

Community focused events

Bring community together and provide free or low cost experiences and activities; strong social benefits; promotion of cultural diversity and inclusion.

How to apply 

Please read the Event Sponsorship Guidelines (link below) and fill out the appropriate application form.

Event sponsorship application - Community Focused Events

Event sponsorship application - Economic Focused Events

To submit your application form, you can; 

  • email it to city@busselton.wa.gov.au
  • mail to CITY OF BUSSELTON Locked Bag , 1 BUSSELTON WA 6280
  • or by hand to City of Busselton Administration, Southern Dr Busselton

To be included on the mailing list to be informed when the sponsorship round opens, please email events@busselton.wa.gov.au. For further information please contact the Events Coordinator – Peta Pulford on 08 9781 0302 or email: Peta.Pulford@busselton.wa.gov.au    

General event sponsorship guidelines 

The Event Sponsorship Application will need to contain the following information: 

  • Details and objectives of the proposed event;
  • Amount of sponsorship requested;
  • Details of the organisation;
  • Information relating to;

o   economic impact;

o   strategic alignment;

o   community outcomes;

  • Detailed event budget;
  • City of Busselton recognition and return on investment.

Event Sponsorship Guidelines

Event sponsorship eligibility 

 The City of Busselton provides sponsorships that will:

  • Build relationships with organisations that will help the City achieve the priorities listed in its Strategic Community Plan;  
  • Promote the City at a local, regional and international level, if applicable;
  • Attract new events to the City;
  • Provide economic benefit to the local business community;
  • Provide opportunities for local community involvement.

For more information and to discuss a potential sponsorship application, please contact the City’s Events Team on 08 9781 0444.

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