Waste Education

The City seeks to work alongside and educate the community about how we can all improve our waste and recycling efforts. 

Our recovery rates in Western Australia – that is the recycling, reusing and repurposing of waste – are some of the lowest in the country. It’s clear we have a waste problem.

Educating the community about waste and recycling is an important part of the City’s role to improve recovery rates and reduce waste going to landfill. Together we can:


The best thing we can do is to avoid creating waste in the first place. One of the easiest things you can do is use reusable items over single use ones such as bags, cups, bottles and straws.


Reduce the amount of waste you create by only buying what you need. For example, you could plan your meals and shopping list so that you don’t buy too much food and borrow or hire things if you only need them for a short time.


Support reuse by posting unwanted items online for sale or donating them to a local charity and shop for items you need at op shops first.


Before sending an item to landfill and replacing it with something new, check if the item can be repaired.


A number of items are recyclable in the City of Busselton aside from those which go in your yellow-lidded bin. Familiarise yourself with them and where to drop them off - see Sorting Your Waste to make sure you are correctly sorting your waste and minimising waste sent to landfill.

Did You Know? 

Western Australia produces almost 20% more waste annually than the national average. Let's all do our part to reduce our waste! 

Waste Education Program 

The City offers free waste education visits to schools, childcare facilities, educational organisations, community groups and businesses within the City of Busselton to promote waste reduction, recycling, and sustainability. The Recycling Education Officer conducts the sessions at your school or organisation, or we can book a venue space if required. 

School & Early Learning Centre Programs

The City of Busselton waste education school program includes interactive activities that are age appropriate, and curriculum linked. We can adapt and customise the session/s to suit school lesson timetables and learning stages.

Our officer can also help the students with:

  • conducting a waste audit
  • organising a tour at one of the City’s waste facilities
  • preparing an upcycling craft project
  • or if you have an idea for a project you would like to implement in your neighbourhood, the broader community, or city-wide, our educator can help you and your students develop your idea further and come up with something far-reaching.

Students from Vasse Primary held a “Take 3 for the Sea” poster competition and with help from the City, turned the posters into wheelie bin signage that was used on public bins throughout the City.

For more information or to request a booking please contact the City's Recycling Education Officer at 08 9781 0317.

Community Groups

Community groups can also book free waste education talks on request. Our Recycling Education Officer has visited retirement groups, church groups, gardening groups, groups of general interested members of the community, rotary groups and others.

Topics include:

  • Waste and Recycling – correct sorting
  • Waste Minimisation / Zero Waste Lifestyle
  • Plastic free living
  • Sustainability
  • Reducing and managing food waste
  • Conducting a waste audit

For more information or to request a presentation please contact the City's Recycling Education Officer on 08 9781 0317. 


The City’s Recycling Education Officer can provide your business with free personalised waste advice. Contact the City of Busselton on 08 9781 0317 to discuss.

Helpful Resources

  • Containers for Change – WA’s container deposit scheme (10c refund for eligible beverage containers).
  • Reusable Cloth Nappy Workshop Series - Regularly run FREE City of Busselton workshops for those looking for a sustainable alternative to disposal nappies.  To register your interest contact waste.edu@busselton.wa.gov.au.
  • Plastic Free July - Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it. Choose to refuse single-use plastics this July.
  • ShareWaste – A resource for connecting people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens.
  • Treading My Own Path – A wonderful blog dedicated to sustainability and zero waste living.
  • Story of Stuff – A great resource for learning more about consumption, waste and sustainability.
  • Responsible Cafes – Find local cafes which offer a discount if you BYO coffee cup.
  • Community Repair Co Op - Volunteer repairers will have a go at fixing your clothes and household items for a gold coin donation. Held at the St George's Family Centre, 48 Gibney St, Dunsborough on the last Saturday of every month (excl Dec) at 9am-11am. 
  • Signal Park Sellathon - Your annual reuse market event - Held in March each year. 

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