Biodiversity Incentive Strategy

The City of Busselton contains many significant biodiversity values of regional, national and international significance and sits within the internationally recognised South West "biodiversity hotspot". 

Much of the district, particularly the Swan Coastal Plain, has been over cleared, leading to loss and fragmentation of bushland and wetland areas. Population growth and agriculture continue to put pressure on the remaining natural areas in the City.

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The majority (56%) of remnant bushland and wetland areas in the City are located on private property. As a consequence, the involvement of private landholders is essential to the protection and effective management of the remaining biodiversity values.

In response to this need, the City adopted the Biodiversity Incentives Strategy for Private Land in the City of Busselton (the Strategy), which has been in operation since 2002. The Strategy offers two types of financial incentives in exchange for long-term protection and management of biodiversity values on private property. These are a:

  • rate concession incentive
  • subdivision incentive

The incentives are offered to encourage eligible landholders to voluntarily protect biodiversity values on their properties.

View the Biodiversity Incentive Strategy and eligibility criteria via this link  or for further details and enquiries contact the Environmental Officer at the City on 9781 0444.

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Biodiversity Incentive Strategy

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