Permits and Burning Information

Learn when prohibited and restricted burning times come into affect. 

Prohibited Burning Time

All burning in the open is prohibited from 1 December until 28 February each year.

Restricted Burning Times

The Restricted Burning Times for the whole of the City of Busselton have been extended and will now conclude at MIDNIGHT ON TUESDAY, 28 MAY 2024

Extension of Restricted Burning Times

Burning permits are required for all burning in the open from 15 October to 30 November each year, and 1 March to 30 April each year. Burning in the open is prohibited on Public Holidays.

Dates for Prohibited and Restricted Burning Times may change due to seasonal fire or weather conditions. All changes will be published in local newspapers and on this website.

Burning Information

Fire safety information and resources, including current Fire Danger Ratings are available on the Emergency WA website.

Burning of Garden Refuse

The burning of garden refuse is prohibited throughout the District during the Prohibited Burning Time, and prohibited in Urban Areas of the District during Restricted Burning Times.

A Permit to Burn is required for the burning of garden refuse in Rural Residential and Rural Areas during Restricted Burning Times.

Camping and/or Cooking Fires

The lighting of camping and/or cooking fires is prohibited at all times on public land.

The lighting of camping and/or cooking fires (this includes charcoal and wood fire BBQs and pizza ovens) is prohibited throughout the District during Prohibited Burning Times, or when the Fire Danger Rating for the District is High or above at any other time of the year. Fire Danger Ratings are available on the Emergency WA website.

Fire Pits, Chimineas, or Braziers

The lighting of fire pits, chimineas or braziers is prohibited at all times on public land.

The lighting of fire pits, chimineas or braziers is prohibited during Prohibited Burning Times. Fire pits, chimineas or braziers may be used outside of Prohibited Burning Times unless the Fire Danger Rating is High or above. Fire Danger Ratings are available on the Emergency WA website.

Conditions for the Lighting and Extinguishing of Fires in the Open

A fire in the open shall not be lit within 3 metres of a log or stump, and unless a space of ground around the site of the fire having a radius of at least 3 metres from the centre of the fire, is cleared of all vegetation and other flammable materials.

The person who lit the fire, or another capable person left in attendance at the fire, as the case may be, shall completely extinguish the fire by the application of water and/or earth before that person leaves the site unattended.

Fire Permits

Permits to burn are required for the whole of Restricted Burning Times and can only be obtained from the Fire Control Officer (FCOs) of your area (you can download the list of FCOs and their contacts below). Most FCOs are volunteers so you will need to plan ahead if you intend to apply for a permit.

A permit must be obtained before any burning takes place. The permit holder must be in possession of the permit throughout the duration of the burn and must present the permit if asked by an FCO or Ranger.

The FCO will require the following information before issuing a permit:

  • The address of the property where it is proposed to conduct the burn
  • Details of three abled bodied persons who will be in attendance at the fire at all times whilst it is alight, including a contact phone number
  • Details of firefighting equipment that will be on site and confirmation it is in good working condition
  • If there are firebreaks installed at the property and if a fire appliance will have access to the site of the burn
  • What materials are to be burned, are they dry, and the size of the proposed burn.

The Permit Holder is responsible for ensuring all conditions of the permit, as shown on the permit, are fully complied with.

Fire Control Officer Contact List

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