The City’s Compliance team investigates complaints associated with Planning and Building matters.  

All requests must be in writing by either completing the Report It form, or a ‘Planning / Building Compliance Investigation Request’ which can be emailed to

When submitting a compliance request please give as much detail as possible so the issue can be investigated efficiently.

Compliance matters are investigated and actioned in accordance with the City’s Compliance Policy

This may result in notices being issued for breaches of the Planning and Development Act 2005, Local Government Act 1995, or the Building Act 2011. Infringements may also be issued.

All complaints and requests remain highly confidential however, the City of Busselton is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA). In some circumstances complainants may be required to give evidence should the matter go to court.

Please note that anonymous complaints and investigation requests will only be responded to if it is an urgent matter of high risk to public health or safety.

It may be possible for a retrospective application to be submitted to rectify the compliance issue.

Planning and Building

Planning and Building compliance issues may include:

  • Unauthorised development;
  • Unauthorised use of land;
  • Non-compliance with conditions on a Development Approval or Building Permit;
  • Non-compliance with approved plans.
  • Dangerous structures;
  • Unauthorised or dangerous swimming pools and barriers.

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health team investigate environmental health risks in areas such as;

  • Food safety;
  • Disease control;
  • Pollution control;
  • Noise;
  • Dust.

To make a complaint relating to an Environmental Health issue, please use the Report It form or refer to our Public Health and Safety page for further information.

Please note if you're trying to submit a general complaint (not in relation to Environmental Health or Planning and Building) you can use our Enquiry, Feedback and Complaints Form

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