Bushfire Risk Reduction Notice

Following the 6 week community consultation period, the project Community Reference Group met on 8 March 2024 to consider the feedback and suggestions that were received from the broader community.

This resulted in a number of changes, including the order of the notice, changes to requirements of category 1, removal of category 2b, and changes to the requirements in both category 2 and 3 that apply to properties with habitable dwellings. A significant number of changes were also implemented to the definitions, with a full summary available in the report 6.3 of the Bush Fire Advisory Committee meeting 12 March 2024 (unconfirmed minutes here), where the notice was considered and endorsed by the committee.

City officers have since discussed the project with Karri Karrak, with no changes requested to the presented Notice. The updated draft was adopted by Council at the May Ordinary Council Meeting (confirmed minutes here). Further community engagement around how these changes will affect the community will be rolled out of the coming months. 

The adopted notice can be viewed here

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