The Western Australian Planning Commission (‘WAPC’) is responsible for approving all freehold subdivision and certain classes of strata subdivision in Western Australia.

The WAPC issue approvals which are generally valid for 3 years and are subject to conditions.

Each condition will show which government authority or service provider you are required to have ‘clear’ the condition.

The City will provide details on what documentation is required for ‘clearance’ of Local Government conditions on your subdivision approval. This may include submission of technical documentation for review prior to commencing works, evidence of completed works or the payment of developer contributions.

The current list of developer contributions can be found on the Planning Checklists, Forms & Fees.

Civil Infrastructure Works 

All civil works are required to meet the relevant Engineering Technical Standards and Specifications.

The following Civil Works Phases include flowcharts and checklists to help step you through the process.

Civil Infrastructure Phase 1 - Engineering Drawing Approval 

Before starting works on site, the City needs to approve the Engineering Drawings.

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Flowchart for Subdivisions - Engineering Drawing Approval Phase

Engineering and Facilities Services - Development Control Compliance Checklist 1 for Subdivisions

Civil Infrastructure Phase 2 - Construction

During construction the City will monitor infrastructure works on site. There are certain milestones to be achieved during this phase with ‘Hold Points’ and Practical Completion inspections.

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Flowchart for Subdivisions - Construction Phase

Engineering and Facilities Services - Development Control Compliance Checklist 2 for Subdivisions - Hold Points

Engineering and Facilities Services - Development Control Compliance Checklist 3 - Practical Completion

Civil Infrastructure Phase 3 - Project Close Out 

Once construction is complete further information like a Geotech Report, Compaction Results and Maintenance Bonds are required for final sign off.

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Flowchart for Subdivisions - Project Close-Out Phase

Engineering and Facilities Services - Development Control Compliance Checklist 4 for Subdivisions - Hold Points

Landscape Infrastructure Phase 1 - Drawing Approval 

Before starting landscaping works on site, the City needs to approve the Landscape Infrastructure Drawings.

This phase may also include payment of bonds, and estimated annual maintenance costs.

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Flowchart for Landscape Infrastructure - Drawing Approval Phase

Engineering and Facilities Services - Landscape Planning and Design Checklist

Landscape Infrastructure Phase 2 - Completion and Handover 

The City will inspect works at Practical Completion and if compliant, return bonds relating to implementation of works. The project then enters the Landscaping Maintenance Period.

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Flowchart for Landscape Infrastructure Project Completion and Handover Phase

Engineering and Facilities Services - Landscape Practical Completion Checklist

Engineering and Facilities Services - Landscape Handover Checklist


Application for Subdivision Clearance

You can submit your formal ‘Application for Subdivision Clearance’ to the City once all the Local Government conditions have been satisfied.  Applications can be emailed to and should include evidence of satisfying each condition.

The City will issue you with a formal Clearance letter once we confirm that all conditions have been satisfied.

Clearance of all your subdivision conditions is required before you can apply to have the new titles created by Landgate.

Please note that the City may take up to 42 days to issue clearances.

Subdivision Clearance Application Fees

Subdivision clearance fees are set by the Planning and Development Regulations 2009 and are as follows:

Not more than 5 lots $73.00 per lot
More than 5 lots but not more than 195 lots

$73.00 per lot (up to 5)

$35.00 per lot thereafter

More than 195 lots $7,393.00

Built Strata Applications / Form 15A and 15C  

A strata scheme or built strata refers to the subdivision of a building and sometimes, sections of the land surrounding it, into lots.

Application and clearance requirements will vary depending on how many strata lots are proposed and the use of the new lots. Please see the City's Information Sheet.

Useful Documents

Application for the Subdivision Clearance

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