Youth are an integral part of our community.

The City’s Youth Services team organise, plan and run a range of events, activities and school holiday programs for young people to enjoy and participate in. We also provide a safe space for youth to be supported and heard.

Partnership - Rio Tinto

Over the past few years, the City of Busselton and Rio Tinto have created a strong partnership. Rio Tinto provide the City's Youth Program with vital funding to support a variety of youth services. 

SHIFT – Busselton Youth Crew

SHIFT is City of Busselton’s local youth crew. SHIFT is not an acronym; it means to make a positive ‘shift’ in the community.

SHIFT is a small team of 10 young locals who are aiming to make a positive impact for youth in the City of Busselton, supported by City staff who help to develop strategies and ideas. There is a group in Dunsborough and Busselton

SHIFT provides workshops aimed to upskill our youth and encourage them to engage in community events. Through SHIFT the City’s youth are able to voice their opinions and gain support to make an impact within our community.

To put forward your Expression of Interest to become part of the SHIFT Youth Crew, please fill out the below form and one of our team members will be in touch.

Join the SHIFT Youth Crew

If you're keen on joining our crew - please fill out the form below and one of our Youth Services team members will get in contact with you. 

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Are you willing to attend SHIFT meetings on a monthly basis and volunteer your time to help out the crew at events?*
Can you commit to attending a minimum of 8 meetings and volunteer at least 1 of our youth based events throughout the year?*

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