State Government Rebate Information

Property owners who hold an eligible Pensioner Concession Card, State Concession Card or both a Seniors Card and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, may be entitled to the following.

  • A State Government rebate up to 50% off City and Specified Area rates (Rates) capped at $750.00, and 50% off the State Government emergency services levy (ESL).
  • If a full rebate recipient, then forgo any unclaimed rebate and defer this along with any unpaid current Rates and/or ESL for payment in the future. Deferred balances need to be paid if there is a change in a property's circumstances, such as strata titling, ownership or occupation.

Property owners who hold a Seniors Card may be entitled to the following. 

  • A State Government rebate up to 25% off Rates, capped at $100.00 and 25% off the ESL capped at $43.00.

Eligibility for State Government rebate benefits is where a valid Centrelink or State card is held and that card holder:

  • Owns and occupies the property as at 1 July of the rating year.
  • Fully pays all arrears or commences an acceptable regular payment arrangement in clearance of these arrears. Payments made under such an arrangement are to be in addition to paying the current financial year Rates and ESL so the rebate may be claimed.

For more information on eligibility and rebate amounts, please visit the WA Government website.

For the City to submit a rebate claim to the State Government requires that the total amount of your Rate and/or Emergency Services Levy to be fully paid on or before 30 June of the rating year.

Registering for a State Government Rebate

An application for a State Government rebate should be made with the Water Corporation via their website by clicking here or by calling 1300 659 951. Any eligible rebate will be applied pro-rata from the date of the application.       

Note: A penalty of $1,000 is applicable should a claim be made for a State Government rebate when ineligible for such a rebate.

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