Interim Coastal Erosion Modelling Maps

In 2012 the City commissioned modelling using the latest available base data, consisting of more accurate digital topology information and recent actual shoreline movements.

In addition the Western Australian Planning Commission issued a position statement stating that coastal planning is undertaken on the basis of an estimated 0.9 metres sea level rise over 100 years.

You can access the City's Interim Coastal Erosion Modelling by:

  • Viewing the City’s Online Mapping system and selecting the Interim Coastal Adaption Area Layer (within the ‘General Enquiry’ module). The 150 metre setback line from Horizontal Setback Datum (HSD) indicates the minimum development setback from the coast.

  • Agreeing to the PUBLIC TERMS OF USE and clicking on the "I Agree" link below.

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Interim Coastal Erosion Modelling Maps


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