Busselton Margaret River Airport

The City of Busselton has upgraded the existing Airport facilities and is capable of facilitating air services to interstate destinations including Melbourne and Sydney and international destinations as far away as Denpasar, Singapore and China.

The Airport Development Project was made possible by investment totalling $68million from the Australian Government’s Community Development Grant Programme, State Government’s Royalties for Regions programme, Department of Transport’s Regional Airports Development Scheme, City of Busselton, South West Development Commission and Tourism Western Australia.

The development completed in 2019 included the following upgrades:

  • lengthening, widening and strengthening of the runway up to 2520m (TODA) long x 45m wide to facilitate narrow and wide-bodied Code 4C and E aircraft such as Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and Airbus 330
  • construction of four new apron parking bays and connecting taxiways with Code 4E capability
  • connection to site wide services, including water, power, sewer and telecommunication
  • two helipads
  • new public car parks
  • jet A1 and Avgas fuel facility

The City of Busselton has completed the following key projects:

And will now focus on the following key projects:

  • BMRA Terminal Business Case - due for completion in March 2024
  • RFDS relocation project

For further information relating to the project or for general information regarding airport operations, flight information and car parking, visit the Airport website

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