Completing Your Project 

If your project required a Building Permit, you will need to notify the City once the project is complete.

Notice of Completion

Under the Building Act, the builder must notify the City on completion of works previously approved. A BA7 Notice of Completion Form must be filled out and provided to the City. The City may choose to do an inspection.

In addition, commercial projects (Class 2-9 buildings) will require an Occupancy Permit prior to using the building. See ‘Occupancy Permit’ below for details.

Occupancy Permit

An occupancy permit (BA9 form) is required for Class 2-9 buildings.

Your Building Surveyor Contractor needs to provide a Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC), and any certificates you have as part of the building work. The owner is the person responsible to apply for the Occupancy Permit, but the builder may do it on the owners behalf.

Some exemptions apply for small alterations and additions. Contact your Building Surveyor Contractor for details.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools require a barrier certificate to be submitted with the BA7 Notice of Completion.

This can be provided by a contractor involved with your pool project, or a Pool Inspector, or the City can certify the barrier for you.

Request for Pool Certification Services

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