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Get information about residential bin collections, how to put your bin out and waste rates and charges.

The City of Busselton operates a two bin system:

  • The red (or previously dark green) lid bin is for general waste – collected by the City weekly
  • The yellow lid bin is for recycling – collected by our contractor Cleanaway fortnightly

Bin Days

Bin collection services across the City are divided into “Week 1” and Week 2”. Rubbish bins are collected every Mon- Fri throughout the year EXCEPT Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday. To find out your next bin date or what week we are currently in along with other information, please open IntraMaps and follow the steps. Once you find what day your rubbish or recycling is collected, you can print off the recycling calendar for quick reference.​

 Go to IntraMaps to find your bin collection day

How to Find Your Bin Day in IntraMaps

  1. Open IntraMaps via this link
  2. Click the Search All tab
  3. Enter your address into the Search Everything field and select Search
  4. Your property along with your bin day and week number will be displayed in the map window. Other details can be found in the panel on the right hand side.

Information on Rubbish Bins

Residents must provide their own general waste wheelie bin. Bins must be:

  • 120 litres or 240 litres
  • Dark green body with a red lid (or a dark green lid if already in use)
  • Good quality (we recommend SULO, MASTEC, Trident, Nylex) and purpose-made for kerbside waste collection.

Hearth House (Strelly Street, Busselton) and Dunsborough Hardware-Mitre 10 (Commonage Rd, Dunsborough) are local businesses that currently stock purpose-made kerbside bins. The City WILL NOT be held responsible to any claims of damage to inferior quality bins.

If you’re a business that stocks purpose-made kerbside collections bins and wish to be on the City’s approved list, please contact us via

Use the below form if you would like to apply for an additional domestic rubbish collection service.

Additional Domestic Bin Application Form

Information on Recycling Bins

Yellow-lid recycling bins are provided by the City. Please contact us to deliver your free recycle bin and put it on the bin service.

If your recycling bin was missed or you want to report other operational issues, please contact the City on or call 08 9781 0444. 

Use the below form if you would like to apply for an additional domestic recycling collection service. 

Additional Domestic Bin Application Form

Recycling Calendar 23/24

Put Your Bin Out

To make sure your bin gets emptied, follow these simple steps:

  • Place bin(s) out on the verge by 6am on your bin day.
  • Ensure bins are at least 1m away from any blockages (e.g. away from vehicles, basketball hoops, trees, etc.)
  • Do not overload bins. The maximum weight capable of being collected is 70kg.
  • Please ensure all waste fits inside the bin and the lid is closed (waste outside of the bins will not be collected)
  • Remove bins from the kerb as soon as convenient after they have been emptied.
  • To ensure waste does not get stuck in your bin and make a mess on the verge when the bin is emptied, please bag your grass clippings.
  • Please do not place items that may pose a fire risk or containers of used oil in your bin (up to 20L of used oil can be recycled for free at both the Busselton Waste Transfer Station and the Dunsborough Waste Facility). If you are unsure of what items to place in each bin, please speak with a member of the Waste Services team.  

For further information, please view the City’s Waste Collection Policy here.

See Sorting Your Waste for information about what to put in your bins and what not to put in your bins.

Sorting Your Waste

How to Put Your Bin Out Graphic

Commercial Properties

To add or make changes to the rubbish and/or recycling collection service for your business, please click the link which most appropriately identifies the location of your business below, in order to be taken to the correct form.

Busselton Light Industrial Area

Busselton Molloy Street

Busselton CBD

Dunsborough Town

Dunsborough Clark Street

Dunsborough Enterprise Park


Waste Rates & Charges

Waste Collection Rates

Waste Collection Rates for 2023-24 (where a service is provided to the property by the City of Busselton) are as follows:

  • $183.40 per year for weekly rubbish collection (per bin);
  • $89.40 per year for fortnightly recycling collection (per bin);
  • $87.50 per year for Waste Infrastructure Charge (see below for more information)

If you require the collection of an additional bin, please fill out the Additional Domestic Bin Application Form.

Additional Domestic Bin Application Form

Waste Infrastructure Charge

Managing waste responsibly is complex and expensive. As City of Busselton residents generate waste, we are all responsible for protecting the environment from waste. Some of the activities this charge covers include litter pickups from the various public open spaces, landfill cell construction and operations, garden organics recovery, recycling of commercial and demolition waste and more. This is why the Waste Infrastructure Rate applies to all property holders.

Get the Recycle Right App!

Recycle Right is an educational tool to help you sort your waste and remind you when to put your bins out. In addition to the usual household waste items, the database also includes over 50 drop off points for recyclable items which do not belong in your yellow lidded bin including batteries, bottle lids, printer cartridges and so much more. With the Bin Day Reminder function, you can set your phone to notify you when your bins are due for collection.

You can download the application on your phone or tablet or visit the Recycle Right website. Search for “Recycle Right” in your app library and look for the symbol with green, yellow & red arrows.

The app is free to use and requires no registration to use and can be easily downloaded via the links below: 

Recycle Right App - Google Play

Recycle Right App - Apple Store

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