Holiday Homes Regulatory Framework 

The City of Busselton Holiday Homes Local Law 2012 requires all holiday homes to be registered. This ensures an appropriate standard of management and minimises the risk of such accommodation causing a nuisance to neighbours.

New Holiday Homes 

Are you planning to use your property to accommodate guests for short term accommodation?

An approval is required, through a two-step process:

  1. Obtain a Development Approval to change the use of the property from ‘residential’ to ‘Holiday Home’.
  2. Apply for a Holiday Home Registration Certificate which is an annual registration of the Holiday Home.

Refer to the Holiday Home Accommodation page for more information.

Existing Holiday Homes 

The City’s holiday home regulatory framework has been developed by taking into account over-arching State law and policy. It has been developed through community consultation and aims to improve the balance between the community and economic benefits that are created from holiday homes, while minimising neighbourhood amenity concerns raised by residents in close proximity to holiday homes. The framework requires registration of holiday homes, as well as signage to be displayed and having a manager for your holiday home.

State Government Review

The State Government is currently undertaking a review of the overarching State law and policy relating to holiday homes. The State is considering changes to planning controls that may apply on a State-wide basis, including in the City of Busselton. The State has also indicated an intent to establish a consistent State-wide approach to holiday home registration. At this stage it is not clear how State level changes may affect the City’s approach to holiday home regulation. The regulatory framework is subject to annual review. To stay informed, refer to the Holiday Home Review page.


How do I change my manager?

Complete and submit a Change of Manager form to the City. Following payment of the relevant fee and proof of compliant signage, your amended Certificate of Registration will then be issued.

What happens if I buy or sell a holiday home?

If a property changes ownership, any existing Development Approval for use as a Holiday Home remains with the property. The existing Registration however will be cancelled at settlement.

Should the new owner wish to continue operating as a Holiday Home, a new Application for Holiday Home Registration will be required to be submitted to the City for processing.

Refer to the Holiday Home Accommodation page for more information.  

How do I increase the number of guests that can stay?

Should you wish to increase the number of guests accommodated at the property above the number approved in the Development Approval, the City will require a new Application for Development Approval to be submitted for.

Refer to the Holiday Home Accommodation page for more information.

Why does my holiday home require a sign?

Provision of a sign allows members of the public to easily report concerns in relation to the operation of a holiday home or conduct of attendants to the Owner/Managing Agent of the holiday home, who can provide prompt resolution to any disruptions/concerns.

What are the standard practices Holiday Home operators must follow?

In addition to the provisions of the City of Busselton Holiday Home Local Law 2012, each Holiday Home is subject to Conditions of Registration and a Code of Conduct, formulated in conjunction with the conditions of the Development Approval. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maximum occupants and attendants approved to be at the premises.
  • Maximum vehicles approved to be at the premises and designated parking bays.
  • Occupant conduct obligations.
  • Management of dogs brought to the property by guests.
  • Waste disposal and potable water.

Refer to the Conditions of Registration and Code of Conduct Templates, listed in the Related Documents section below.

My holiday home is undergoing works or has just entered a tenancy agreement. What does this mean for my registration?

If you’re intending to cease operating as a holiday home, you can cancel your registration and reapply at a future date. Pro rata registration fee will apply.

I don’t want to cancel my registration. Do I still need to comply with the rules, including displaying a sign?

Yes, all registered holiday homes must comply with the conditions of registration.

How do I get an electronic copy of my Holiday Home registration paperwork?

The Landowner can request this in writing to the City of Busselton, and an encrypted PDF provided (printing authorised).

When does registration renewal occur?

Renewal notices are issued in April with subsequent reminders and late fees applied where required. Registration expires 30 June each year and any holiday homes with outstanding fees will be cancelled.

Having issues with a holiday home near you?

Please contact the Owner/Managing Agent whose details can be found on the signage at the front of the property. If your concern is not considered resolved, you can report it to the City via the link below.

Report It

Under State law, the City is limited in what action can be taken regarding the alleged misconduct of Holiday Homes. The State may also introduce changes that impact the way the City manages Holiday Homes in future.

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