Greening Your Street

The Street Tree Program and Nature Verge are initiatives of the City that aim to reintroduce native vegetation to the streetscapes that provide habitat for native fauna such as birds and the Western Ringtail Possum.

Street Tree Program 

Trees help to make your street look established and feel more relaxed. They provide shade and shelter and help to reduce summer water use. They bring life to an area by providing places for wildlife to feed and nest. They can even help improve property values, and they’re free through the Street Tree Program.

If you live in a residential area and would like a street tree within your verge, you can make your request online

Nature Verge 

Growing native plants on your road verge will reduce watering costs (compared to lawn), attract bird life and other native animals, and can create a more appealing or interesting front verge.

The City of Busselton Nature Verge Program provides guidance on what needs to be considered when creating a Native Verge and the types of plants that are acceptable for use.

Residents can draw their design and submit to the City for assessment (free of charge) to ensure designs comply with safety requirements and do not compromise underground services. You can obtain a copy of the Nature Verge booklet and application form below.

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