Bed and Breakfast Accommodation 

Are you planning to use your property to accommodate guests for short term bed and breakfast accommodation? This information might help you understand what is involved. 

What is a Bed and Breakfast?

If you are renting a room in your house to holiday makers, even if you are not supplying food, this is called a Bed and Breakfast. 

This requires a two-step approval process:

  1. Obtain a Development Approval to change the use of the property from ‘residential’ to ‘bed and breakfast’.
  2. Apply for a Bed and Breakfast Food Business Registration if you are providing breakfast.

Development Approval

Do I need development approval?

Yes, an application for development approval is required if you wish to use your property to accommodate guests on a short term accommodation basis.

What do I need to consider?


Connected to reticulated water or serviced by a minimum 135,000 litre potable water tank.


Currently serviced by the City’s kerbside waste collection or where kerbside collection is not available, alternate waste management will be considered.


Connected to reticulated sewerage or adequate on-site effluent disposal system.             


Additional requirements apply where located within a Bushfire Prone Area. To determine if your property is located within a bushfire prone area, refer to the DFES website. Any application in a bushfire prone area is required to have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment prepared.

Applications for Bed and Breakfast, which is classified as a ‘Vulnerable Land Use’ by State Planning Policy 3.7 - Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas, with a nominated BAL rating of BAL-12.5 or above will require a Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) and Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) prepared by a suitably qualified Level 3 Accredited Bushfire Practitioner to be submitted with the application. A register of accredited professionals is located here: FPAA.

For further information on Bushfire requirements, please refer to the Planning Information Sheet - Short-Term Accommodation - Bed and Breakfast.        

How many guests can I accommodate?

Zone Land area Maximum No. of rooms to be occupied by guests
Residential <1,500m2 3
>1,500m2 4
Other N/A 4


If the dwelling is larger than 300m2, or there are more than 12 guests proposed, additional building standards will apply under the National Construction Code - Building Code of Australia. Please contact Building Services directly on 9781 1732 for specific building requirements.

What will a development application cost?

  • Development Application Fee: $295 (2022/23 financial year)
  • Advertising/Referral Fee: $134
  • Retrospective Development Application Fee: Any short term accommodation which has commenced operating prior to obtaining development approval will incur an additional retrospective fee - Development Application Fee + twice that amount as penalty.

Note: these costs are relevant City fees only. Other costs may apply.

How can I submit my application?


In Person   City of Busselton Administration Building, 2 Southern Drive, Busselton WA 6280

By Post   City of Busselton Locked bag 1, Busselton WA 6280

What happens once I have submitted my application?

  • A Planning Administration Officer will undertake a preliminary review of the submitted development application to determine if all relevant documentation is received. The application will be “deemed complete” or “deemed incomplete” and an acknowledgement email forwarded to the applicant accordingly.
    • “Deemed Complete” Request for Payment; or
    • “Deemed Incomplete” Request for Additional Information
  • Planning Officer will undertake an initial assessment, and action advertising/referrals to adjoining landowners and/or external agencies (as applicable).
  • Once the period for advertising/referrals has closed, the Planning Officer will complete officer assessment, and make a determination.
  • If supported, a development approval, subject to condition(s) will be granted. Generally, the development application process takes approximately 60 to 90 days. Note however, the City may request additional information during the assessment process may extend the assessment timeframes.

I have been granted development approval - what's next?

  • Read and Understand Approval Conditions:
    • Read the decision notice and ensure any ‘Prior to Commencement’ conditions have been completed/satisfied.
    • It is important to note that any Prior to Commencement Conditions must be satisfied prior to the commencement of the approved use.
    • Should you have any questions in relation to the development approval, please contact Planning Services directly on 9781 0444.
  • Apply for Registration 
    • Holiday Home - please continue reading the Annual Registration section below.
    • Bed and Breakfast - please continue reading the Bed and Breakfast section below.

    Who can I contact if I need more information?

    Planning Services

    Phone   08 9781 0444


    Bed and Breakfast Food Business Registration 

    Do I need a food business registration/notification? 

    Food business registration/notification is required for businesses that provide food for guests.

    1. If you intend to provide cooked meals for your guests a food business registration is required.  
    2. If you intend to provide pre-packaged food only, a food business notification is required.

      What do I need to consider?

      • Legislation The Food Act 2008, Food Act Regulations 2009 and the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code must be complied with.
      • Planning Requirements A development approval is required - see information in development approval section above.
      • Type of Food Will you be cooking food to serve to guests or providing pre-packaged food?  
      • Health Requirements     
        • You must have appropriate Food Safety skills and knowledge – the City recommends as a minimum Food Safe training, available for free at this link.
        • The suitability of your home kitchen, storage and transportation - the standard of the kitchen must reflect the risk category of the food being prepared.
        • The requirement for annual inspections of your home kitchen, storage and transportation.

      Please refer to the Information Sheet provided below for more details. 

      Food Business (Residential) Information Sheet

      What form do I need?

      To apply for a Food Business Registration or Notification please refer to the form below.

      Application for Food Act 2008 Notification/ Registration

      What will it cost?

      • Application for Notification   $72 (2023/24 financial year)
      • Application for Registration   $138.00 - 254.00 (2023/24 financial year)
      • Service Fee (pro rata)   $108.00 - 466.00 (2023/24 financial year)

      How can I submit my application?


      In Person   City of Busselton Administration Building, 2 Southern Drive, Busselton WA 6280

      By Post   City of Busselton Locked bag 1, Busselton WA 6280

      Who can I contact if I need more information?

      Environmental Health Services

      Phone   08 9781 0444


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      Local Planning Scheme No. 21

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