Public Agenda Presentations

Public Agenda Presentations (PAP) are held on the second Wednesday of the month, unless Council are in recess.

PAP provides the opportunity for members of the community to present on items listed on the current agenda. Decisions are not made at PAP, however it is an opportunity to present your position on any current agenda item.

Upcoming Public Agenda Presentations

5.30pm, Wednesday,18 January 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday, 8 February 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday, 8 March 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday, 12 April 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday, 10 May 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday, 14 June 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday, 19 July 2023
5.30pm, Wednesday 9 August 2023
5.30pm, Wednesday 13 September 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday 11 October 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday 8 November 2023
5:30pm, Wednesday 6 December 2023

Bookings are encouraged by contacting Jo Barrett-Lennard on 08 9781 0338 or Council agendas can be found at 2023 Council Meetings.

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