Event Sponsorship Programme

The City of Busselton has developed an Event Sponsorship Programme that aims to assist in the funding and attraction of year-round events to the region, bridging the existing events shoulder season and further advancing the region as the Events Capital WA.

The Events Sponsorship Programme is for funding amounts over $1,000.

Major or hallmark events that occur on an annual basis may be offered a multi year agreement, subject to negotiation.

There will be two funding rounds per financial year with applications for sponsorship closing in March (for events conducted 1 July – 30 June) and September (for events conducted 1 January – 30 June).

General Event Sponsorship Guidelines

The Event Sponsorship Application will need to contain the following information: 

  • Details of the proposed event;
  • Amount of sponsorship requested;
  • Details of the organisation;
  • Objectives of the proposed event;
  • Response to event criteria including;

o   economic impact;

o   social benefit;

o   environmental impact;

o   strategic benefit;

o   promotional benefit;

  • Detailed event budget including all proposed income and expenditure;
  • City of Busselton recognition and return on investment.

Guidelines: Event Sponsorship Programme

Event Sponsorship Eligibility 

 The City of Busselton provides sponsorships that will:

  • Build relationships with organisations that will help the City achieve the priorities listed in its Strategic Plan;  
  • Promote the City at a local, regional and international level, if applicable;
  • Attract new events to the City;
  • Provide economic benefit to the local business community;
  • Provide opportunities for local community involvement.

The City of Busselton will consider all proposals but will avoid those that:

  • Support or oppose political or religious events (not including charities run by religious groups);
  • Conflicts with legislation;
  • Excludes or offends minority community groups;
  • Could present a hazard to the community or environment;
  • Promote anti-social behaviour, including gambling, smoking or the consumption of other addictive substances;
  • May misrepresent the City’s priorities listed in its Strategic Plan;
  • Are held outside, or a major part is held outside, of City boundaries; and
  • Are not open to, or do not have a portion open to the general public, for example conventions, conferences, or club events where access is restricted to members or delegates.

Types of Sponsorship

Sponsorship may come in the form of:

  • Cash contribution – payable upon agreed milestones; and/or
  • In-kind support - comprising of work undertaken by the City specific to an event that may include, but is not limited to - ground marking, approval of traffic management plans, erection of signage/banners, bin hire, event fees etc.

Timing of Assessment

All applications for event sponsorship go through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that they are assessed in a fair, equitable and transparent manner. The steps of assessment are as follows:

  1. Events Team initial assessment – every application is checked by the City’s Events Team to ensure all information is included. If all criteria are not addressed, you will be asked to supply outstanding information before the application is progressed further.
  2. Marketing & Events Reference Group (MERG) – formal assessment is undertaken by MERG, and recommendations for funding are made to Council. MERG may also recommend multi-year agreements for events at its discretion.
  3. City of Busselton Council endorsement – Recommendations are presented to Council for their endorsement. Council has the right to consider alternate resolutions other than that recommended by the Reference Group at its discretion.

Once formally approved by Council, an agreement will be drawn up between both parties. As terms of your agreement you will be required to provide a Post Event Report within 3 months of your event.

Due to the number of steps in the assessment process, this can take up to 2-3 months before a result may be known. It is recommended that event organisers take this into consideration when planning their event and applying for sponsorship.

Submitting an Application

To be included on the mailing list to be informed when the sponsorship round opens, please email events@busselton.wa.gov.au

For further information or to discuss a potential sponsorship application, please contact the Events Coordinator – Peta Tuck on 08 9781 0302 or email: peta.tuck@busselton.wa.gov.au


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