Trading in Public Places

The City of Busselton oversees commercial activities that occur on public land throughout the City of Busselton locality.

If you would like to use City of Busselton land to conduct a commercial activity, you are required to obtain the relevant permit from the City of Busselton. This includes commercial hire sites and food trucks.

Commercial Hire Sites

What is a Commercial Hire Site?

Commercial Hire Sites are locations that have been identified by the City as suitable for use by commercial operators providing leisure and active tourism activities. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to:
• The temporary installation of equipment such as water playgrounds and climbing walls etc.
• The hiring of recreational equipment, such as bicycles, beach umbrellas, kayaks, stand up paddle boards etc.
• The operation of designated tours or guided activities.

Can I trade using a Commercial Hire Site?

The City has designated a number of Commercial Hire Sites to add vibrancy and activities to our high profile locations such as the Busselton and Dunsborough Foreshores and Meelup Beach.

All permits have been issued and will expire in 2024.

The City is currently reviewing hire site locations and is not accepting new applications for Commercial Hire Sites at this time.

Commercial Activity Permit

If you would like to use City owned or managed land such as parks and reserves that are not a Commercial Hire Site for your commercial business offering, please complete the Commercial Activity Permit Application

Please note for a commercial activity permit;

  • you must be able to demonstrate why an available Commercial Hire Site (CHS) cannot be used
  • fees are based on the area you require and frequency of trading and listed in the City’s Adopted Fees and Charges.  

Marine Berthing Permit

The City has two purpose built marine berthing platforms at the iconic Busselton Jetty - view the map here. The marine berthing platforms allow for marine tourism vessels (boats and tenders) to pick up and disembark passengers. The western platform is 15m in length, the eastern platform is 35m in length. Both have a displacement limit of 50T and can accommodate vessels up to a maximum draft of 2 metres. If you would like to use this platform, please view the information below and compete the attached application form.


  • Safety management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Vessel details
  • Public liability insurance and workers compensation

Note: The City of Busselton reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason.

Fees and charges available in the City of Busselton Adopted Schedule of Fees and charges 2022/23 Financial Year fees determined based on the permit period and length of the vessel.

Kiosks and Food Trucks

I want to trade at fixed locations

Several fixed trading locations have been identified across the municipality (view the Complete Food Trader Site Locations here). Permits to trade in these fixed locations are issued by the City of Busselton via an Expression of Interest (EOI) process which is held every 2 years. Any sites remaining vacant after the EOI process has been undertaken can be applied for by completing the Trading Permit Application below.

Mobile food vendor fixed location - Guidelines

Mobile food vendor fixed location - Trading Permit Application

I want to trade at varied locations

This is called Itinerant Varied Locations. A permit can be applied for to sell to the public at varied private locations e.g. mobile coffee runs. To apply, submit an Application for Trading Permit Itinerant Varied Locations found below, identifying all the property locations for trade, with written permission from each property owner.

Application for Trading Permit - Itinerant Varied Locations

I want to trade on the go

This is called Itinerant Trade. A permit to sell to the public by travelling from place to place e.g. ice cream van, is granted by an Expression of Interest Process every 2 years. Application for Trading Permit Itinerant Vendor can be found below.

Application for Trading Permit - Itinerant Vendor

Mobile Food Vendor Guidelines - Itinerant Vendor

What does it cost?

Please refer to the below costs.

Mobile Food Fixed Vendor Itinerant Vendor
Application Fee: $167 $167
Permit Fee - 12 months: $6022 Zone 1 $1672
$4423 Zone 1A
$3304 Zone 2
$2771 Zone 2A

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